Fallout: New Vegas – OWB Unlimited XP (Easy)


First head out to the X-13 research facility in Old World Blues, this is the furthest west location in the map and is where you do the stealth tests to get upgrades for the Stealth Suit Mk II.

For the exploit to work you will have already have had to completed the at least one of the test.


Once in the test room at X-13, choose either the easy or advanced test. The expert test has mines that will slow you down (and won’t give you XP for taking down) and Robot Compliance test won’t give you as much XP as the rest.

To get XP disable all 3 Robobrains patrolling the halls, each will give 10xp. To disable robots you need to sneak up on them and interact with them, if you’re fast enough you can do this in front of them before they are able to react.

Grabbing the document in the safe will give you 100xp, coming out to 130xp per run. Each run takes under a minute once you know what to do, and can be even less with stealth boys.

The game will never stop you from continuing the tests but will give you progressively worse rewards, not like that matters.

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