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“Get 20 legendary dwellers on your vault” that might sound easy but boy is it hard! In my opinion the hardest achievement to get, that’s why I’m here to help you with some tips and tricks based in my experience to make your journey to get this one way easier and finally get that 100% on this game.

Achievement Hunt: Familiar Faces

Note: Most of this guide is also usefull in a regular playthrough.

General Information

First we have to determine what are legendary dwellers, A legendary dweller is a certain kind of character that can pop out in certain missions, special Dates and most commonly on lunchboxes. You’ll know you’ve got one because It’ll pop up in your menu. Now, ff course most of us don’t want to spend money in lunchboxes just for a chance of getting one out of twenty dwellers, this isn’t Genshin Impact.

So, before we start here’s a little list of things you need to take into consideration:

  • For this achievement you don’t need to have 20 different legendary dwellers, you can have the same guy twice so don’t get frustrated if you get a repeat from your lunchbox.
  • The dwellers don’t need to be alive, they just have to had existed in your vault at some point.
  • Regarding the previous point, they all do need to be or have been present int the same vault.
  • Legendary Babies do not count towards this achievement, a legendary baby is the result of mating two legendary dwellers; they will have pretty good stats tho, so they’re worth it anyways

Tips and Tricks

Some of these tips are pretty intuitive but some aren’t anyways there’s surely something that you didn’t know that will come in handy for your hunt:

  • 20 might sound like a lot but actually its just 17 you have to hunt for, you get 3 guaranteed legendary dwellers (Sara Lyons, Preston Garvey and Three dog) after completing their respective missions which you can do a bit after you get the overseer office.
  • Playing in survival Difficulty might sound scary at first, and I admit that it is hell when you’re just starting but it actually helps a lot in the endgame and increases your chances of getting better loot (and thus legendary dwellers) from regular lunchboxes.
  • Having a mr. Handy on all floors (or at least on floor with resources such as water, food and energy) will prove very Handy [Pun intended] for fending off the waves of ghouls and DeathClaws and will be essential for AFK farming.
  • Try skiping all quests that don’t give NukaCola, Lunchboxes, Pets or mr.Handys as a reward to help speed up this process; related to this, try to use your nukaCola Quantum only for missions with guaranteed good drops and to skip difficult or low-profit quests.
  • Open the game at least 5 minutes a day so you can get the daily rating which will grant you a free lunchbox every 7 days.
  • Go for the Daily and Weekly Missions first and of course give priority to the ones with a guaranteed NukaCola, Lunchbox, Pet or mr.Handy drop to advance even more on your journey and of course keep a steady progress on the mentioned Legendary Dweller missions for Sara Lyons, Preston Garvey and Three dog
  • If you have some spare dwellers is always a good idea have them explore the wasteland, they’ll bring quite a lot of useful items (and if they aren’t useful you can scrap or sell them) and may even find a secret location which can yield an additional lunchbox for your effort, just don’t forget your dweller and leave then out to die.
  • Training the luck of your “Mission Team” may also help while looting containers while in a mission or even while exploring.
  • Remember that Is always preferable to build/upgrade your storage rooms than sell items you just can’t fit, but if you find yourself running low on space be sure to sell all the 1-3 damage weapons (Only if all of your dwellers already have a weapon equipped)
  • If you’re AFK or listening to a podcast or watching a video while the game is open, always make sure to keep an eye out for the mysterious stranger for he can boost your cap stash by quite a lot making your game even smoother.

I know this seems like a lot but if you are going to play you will have to do this and it’s better if you do this right from the start.

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