Fallout Shelter – How to Attract Residents

In this guide, I will show you how you can attract new residents to Fallout Shelter.

Guide to Attract Residents

First Method: Pregnancy

This method is available at the beginning of the game. You just need to leave two residents of different genders (male and female) in the living room. After a while (depending on the charisma scale) the partners will go into the bedroom together. The baby will be born in about 3 hours, but will not be able to work as an infant. After another 4 hours, the baby will grow up and be ready to work.

Second Method: Radio Studio

For this method you need to build a radio studio (Available from 26 inhabitants). The Sanctuary will send calls to the surviving inhabitants of the wasteland, and after a while they will come to you. It is not recommended to leave the radio studio on all the time, as monsters may come in addition to the inhabitants.

Third Method: Lunch Boxes

New residents (Exclusive) can be obtained by opening lunchboxes. You can get them by completing tasks or achievements.

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