Fantastic Contraption – How to Obtain All Achievements Fast and Easy

Fastest way to get all achievements in Fantastic Contraption.

Achievements Guide

Completing Levels

I’ll keep this short and simple.

Put on your helmet thing, move the right lever all the way down, then move the left lever up one notch. This will bring you to the online level selection where you can use finished levels other users have published.

The trick here is a little weird but stick with me. Grab a level, gold or purple from the online levels, then put it on the level layout on the right, move the right lever up one notch and the left down one notch until you are back at level selection. Take off your helmet and start the level.

It doesn’t have to run all the way through, you can just run and stop it, this makes it your level.

To now complete the level, put your helmet back on. Grab the level you are on in the level selection tab we were on. Put the brick on the level outline just like the online level.

If you started the simulation it will be the same as you left it.

Put on the helmet and run it. If the next level dog appears you have completed the level.

This is the fastest and easiest way to complete a level, for the last achievement.

“Complete all 50 official launch maps” you only need to do levels without letters like 1b or 42b only 1, 2, 3 up to 50, only whole numbers.

For all the other achievements look for an online level to complete it with, there are usually plenty.

Just a little trial and error should be necessary to find one that works.

You should be able to 100% this in 2-3 hours tops.

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