Farming Simulator 22 – How to Avoid Stuck Pallets

Easy way to avoid stuck pallets.

Guide to Avoid Stuck Pallets


Pallets come into contact with your player model while moving, when it happens, the pallet is throwen* away/flys off and when it land on the ground it has a decent chance to get stuck below ground, but it does not always happen.


Grab the pallet as far away from you as possible. That means with maximum distance between the player and the pallet.

That way, if you do not run, it is almost impossible for the pallet to touch the player model as it is far enough away and you can carry it around without any problems.

Do not run with the pallet in hand, that makes it more likely for the pallet to touch the player and to fly off and land below ground.

Doing this the chances to get a stuck pallet is greatly reduced as accidental and unintentional releases of pallets are minimized.

Carry pallet like so, with maximum distance between you and pallet ->

Do not carry pallet close to you ->

Once you have a pallet on a trailer, you can grab it close to position it more precise if that is needed, if the pallet gets throwen* on a trailer and lands on the trailer it is no problem, only when it lands on the ground.

* I do not mean the “Throw” option with right klick.

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