Farthest Frontier – Game Difficulties Guide

The Game Difficulty controls the various challenges you will be facing as you set out to build a new town in the frontier. The starting conditions, the intensity of raider attacks, and even the ravages of disease can be set to your desired level of difficulty.

Note that once the difficulty is set upon creating a new town, it cannot be changed later, so be sure you are satisfied with your selection before starting.

Game Difficulties Overview

Difficulty Options

Adjust the game difficulty at world creation.

Starting Resources

  • Determines the starting food supply and essential materials such as tools as well as the starting population. Vanquisher difficulty has you begin on lean times. Quickly providing for critical needs will be key.

Hunting and Wildlife

  • Determines the density of deer spawning on the map as well as the frequency of hostile and dangerous animals such as boars, wolves, and bears. Pioneer difficulty does not have to contend with dangerous wildlife.

Hostile Forces

  • Determines the intensity of the raider threat. Higher difficulties mean larger raids of well-armed raiders as well as the possibility of an invading army demanding tribute. Raiders can be toggled off at any difficulty by enabling Pacifist Mode.

Healthcare Adversity

  • Determines the likelihood that villagers will suffer injuries or catch contagious diseases. Proper healthcare and hygiene can mitigate the dangers of disease even on Vanquisher difficulty.

Advanced Options

Advanced Settings let you customize the experience further.

Should you desire to cater the game difficulty to the utmost detail, the advanced options is the way to do so.

From here, you can select the game difficulty per setting. So if you wish to have the toughest raiders, but diseases are not something you wish to contend with, you have the options to do so.

As with the basic difficulty settings, you still have the option of toggling Pacifist Mode, disabling raiders completely.

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