Farthest Frontier – Guide to Happiness (with Needs and Effects)

Happiness is a measure of the people’s satisfaction in living in the frontier. At first, their needs are fairly basic as focus is almost entirely on surviving. But as the town prospers and thoughts drift to finer things, villagers will demand new luxuries to be fully satiated.

Happiness Guide


Happiness summary gives an overview of villager needs.

The Happiness overview is one of the features of the Town Center. Inside this UI, you can see a detailed breakdown of what needs are being met and what is still lacking. This UI also gives a run-down of how happiness is impacting villager performance.

The needs of the village change and advance over time. Where a small settlement first starting out will care mostly about food, health, and shelter, as clothes and shoes wear out and homes are upgraded, you will find your people asking for more.


Happiness can be broken down into several categories:


  • Food is a fundamental need of the people. If food supplies are low for prolonged periods of time, or villagers are forced to go hungry, stress levels will naturally rise.


  • Maintaining health in the town is important for happiness. Villagers living in unsanitary conditions, without access to soap and medicine, can suffer from many ailments.


  • Shelter is another fundamental need. Villagers without a place to live will inevitably suffer from exposure to the elements. Villagers forced to live in cramped conditions will also be increasingly stressed.


  • As the town prospers, villagers will be increasingly interested in living in desirable areas filled with gardens, parks, and other appealing features.


  • Villagers running around without shoes are prone to foot injuries and infections.


  • Villagers living in tattered clothes will be greatly uncomfortable and can suffer from exposure in winter months.


  • Villagers that lose loved ones, whether to disease or raiders, will mourn. A graveyard helps cope with loss.


  • Villagers eager to socialize with their neighbors will inevitably seek out a pub. Beer can also help villagers struggling after a raid release some stress. Be warned, however, as drunk villagers can be prone to instigating brawls.


  • With their basic needs met, villagers will seek out entertainment, whether through socializing or the culture offered inside the theater.


  • When life on the frontier becomes about more than just survival, villagers will seek out comforts such as pottery and furniture to adorn their homes.


Happiness has far-reaching effects on the town, impacting everything from productivity to fertility and effectiveness in combat. Demoralized people are less willing to put forward their best efforts.

Likewise, unhappy towns will attract less immigrants, or none at all, as word of the misery in the town spreads.

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