Farthest Frontier – Tips and Tricks to Getting Started

Useful Tips and Tricks from Devs

  • Wood is important. From the beginning of the game. managing wood supplies is a central mechanic of the game.
  • Food rots in the game. This was done so you cannot stockpile 10 years of food like so many town builders let you do. It’s more realistic and adds more tension to food management. This is a survival town builder after all, so it’s feature, not some kind of oversight.
  • Hunters, and even villagers, can defend from attacks. They can even be manually commanded to do so.
  • Flatten Terrain is a tool for that placing buildings on steep terrain. Anything can be flattened.
  • If your people are doing nothing, you didn’t assign them anything to do. Idle laborers get right to work if resources are marked for harvest or there’s other tasks to do in town.
  • The game has a number of difficulty options to cater to various skill levels. Easy Pacifist mode exists for those that want a relaxing experience.
  • Animals can’t go through fences and walls, if there are no gaps in them.
  • A message reminding a player to mark trees and stone for harvesting appears when none your town has 0 of those resources and none are marked for harvest. It’s a reminder/tutorial to help you get your resources back on track.
  • If no laborers are available to cut a tree, then a tree will not get cut down. There is a priority system for marking build sites/resources/etc to be prioritized by available workers and it does work as intended.
  • A newly assigned guard does not have the tools for the job, so the game does show this status effect. Once the guard acquires their tools, the warning vanishes. I’m sure you’d be unhappy to assign a guard during an attack and wonder why they’re not firing arrows…well, that’s because they don’t have any and the game informs you of this. The same warnings appear if guards run out of bows/arrows due to wear/use.
  • Villagers perform tasks they have the means to perform. If your town is lacking resources to make a building, the builders will predictably not construct the building.
  • Kids have a physical presence in town, inside homes. You can select them and even command them. Kids of a certain age even stock homes.
  • Villagers can and will use water from a river to put out fires, but they prefer wells.
  • Happiness is based on many factors, including entertainment once a town progresses far enough, but that is based on how advanced your town is and how well off your people are. It’s a natural part of the progression.
  • Heavy Tools cannot be made out of thin air, and they are too heavy to have been carted over by your people during their humble beginnings. Traders do offer them for sale though to get your town started on making them yourself.

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