FAS: Fight Action Sandbox – How to Make Good Abilities

Ability Making Guide


In FAS, you may have noticed Workshop characters like MR FAS, or others, had unique, custom abilities. Today I will teach how to make your very own ability.

To get to the Ability creation screen, follow these steps. First, head to the Workshop Editor, and click on the Abilities tab. Click New.

Welcome to the Ability editor!

GUI (Main Screen)

The GUI is easy to understand, but just so it is less confusing, I will show you what each thing on the main screen does.

Image chooses the image your ability will use. Pick something random, or take the time to edit your own image. (to make it look vanilla, use pure white and pure black)

Animclip is what your character LOOKS like it will do. This is for decoration, only to make it look nice.

Animspeed changes how fast the animation will go. Lower is slower. Higher is faster. Attack duration is how long your attack will be. (0.2 seconds is a full turn / a full dot) Attack Cooldown keeps overpowered moves from being used every turn, though most people would know that.

Right and left handed weapons are what your character holds when doing the move.

Hand IK prevents your arms from bending, sometimes ending up in weird movements.

GUI (Action)

Action is for special effects while doing your move. Here is an image of the menu.

Control direction is a decision on what direction your attacks can be edited with. Up/down makes you able to rotate that way. Left right is pretty much self explanitory.

Black background, well, makes the background black.

Chromatic Abberation adds a little ‘Glitch’ effect to the attacks, adding a little RGB light flashing off of every character.

Afterimage is basically a blur of what your last frame of your character is.

Charge MP charges your MP.

Invincibility makes you invincible while the attack is active.

Collision with other player makes you collidable with the other player.

Special action means Dashing, Dodges, and other things. This is very useful.

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