Fashion Police Squad – Top Rated Achievement Tips for Snipers

Tips to Obtain Top Rated Achievement


Top Rated

  • Finish both sniper encounters while maximum Live rating.

Sniper Tips

The strategy here is to just replay the segment like 5-7 times at least, it gets easier and easier with practice. Some quick tips:

  • Memorize the order of events – it’s fixed every time.
  • Even the number of enemies per spawn that you must shoot is fixed also, like 1 of 3, or 2 of 5 etc. This helps a lot till the end when it goes out of control.
  • Rooftop enemies stay there a long time, you can easily ignore them for like five seconds as you finish off some other group.
  • There’s a large delay between the helicopter landing and people starting to come out, who then immediately walk down the stairs in a jaggy way. It’s best to ignore the helicopter until a couple seconds after its landing.
  • Most importantly you don’t need a completely flawless run at all, you just need to keep the rating at 125/125. I let 4 criminals pass in the second segment and it the achievement popped for me anyway.

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