FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water – How to Fix Absurdly Fast Speeds/FPS (AMD Cards)

Guide to Fix Fast Speeds/FPS

If you happen to have a monitor that has a refresh rater higher than 60hz, and a GPU powerful enough push this game beyond 60hz, the game will actually increase in speed based on your performance and refresh rate. Meaning for example,

The stable framerate for this game should be 60fps.

So for example for capable GPUs reaching these, if you had a 120hz monitor, your game would be twice as fast. 240hz, 4 times as fast, and so on.

The game does not have a way to fix this built in, so I am going to show you step by step how to fix this issue as long as you have an AMD gpu installed with the correct software.

Fix for AMD Cards

  1. Open your “AMD Radeon software”
  2. Select the “GAMING” section, which can be found up top between home and performance
  3. Add the game by selecting the 3 verticle dots on the upper right side of the screen and selecting “Add A Game”
  4. A file explorer will pop up and you must navigate to the directory where the game is installed. Find the application file for. The application should be called “FATAL_FRAME_MOBW”. Select that.
  5. Now you should see some settings for that game. Go down to “Radeon Chil”l and turn that on.
  6. Set the MaxFPS to 60 fps.
  7. Close the Radeon software and launch the game!

If you are uncertain where your game is specifically installed as it won’t be the same for everyone, you can find the file path for the game by going to your steam library, right click the game, hover over Manage, and select Browse Local Files. The file explorer that pops up will show you the exact path for the game. If it does not pop up, and is instead minimized, you can find it on the taskbar by hovering over the yellow folder icon.

Written by Punished To Play

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