FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water – How to Play as Miu Hinasaki

Just a simple guide of how to switch Yuri out for Miu if you prefer to play as her.

Guide to Play as Miu Hinasaki

Opening the Files

So firstly head to the games installation area, such as Common on Steam or wherever you have it placed and open it up and you’ll be greeted by 4 Icons, Binary, Readme, Steam_api64 etc.

Now that your here, head to Binary and locate the Character folder.

Now that your here, here comes the somewhat tricky part replacing Yuri with Miu.

Now that we’re in the Characters folder, scroll down til you reach the file name of H_MIU_A As this model is the playable model from the chapters she is in. So now drag that folder onto your desktop and rename all the files to H_YRI_A then drag all said files into the H_YRI_A Folder and Boom you’re done with modding Miu as Yuri

Editor Notes* Some cutscenes will look rather funny from Miu’s face model taking over Yuri’s only do this mod if you’ve already beaten the game.

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