Field of Glory II – Tips for New Players

Newcomers Tips

Know your roster

What are the strengths, what are the weaknesses? This is most important as you will know how your army can be most effective.

Don’t auto deploy

Decide on deployment where and how you will fight. Deploy accordingly, buy troops accordingly. Will you attack or defend? Balance your army on your plan.

Use terrain

So important. Always check the battlefield on deployment. Decide how you will use it.

Skirmish troops are great

The auto evade, ability to fight in bad terrain and cheapness means if you get a lot for your money. Archers in rough terrain or woods etc. can hold up and defeat far better troops sometimes.

If you have cavalry advantage use it! Rear charges, destroying enemy cavalry and artillery. Run riot. Remember they may charge into trouble, plan for it.

Light skirmish cavalry are great

They can wear down enemy units and evade most trouble.

  • If your infantry are outclassed use terrain to help even the balance and bait them to attacking using your skirmish troops.
  • Remember this isn’t Total War where your troops can be ordered constantly and respond on a dime. In ancient warfare battles were mainly won on deployment as generals couldn’t issue many orders after. Bear this in mind, take time to set up a decent charge don’t just blindly attack when you are in range..
  • Use charging routing troops to give your units extra moves. The routers will run being pursued so it can move your troops away from counter charges and being flanked. The extra kills also mean it less likely it will be effective if the routing unit rallies. You can also use this to re position units. This can be deadly as the extra ground you can cover can set you up for rear and flank charges.

Concentrate range fire on single units

I try to only fire if within 2 squares to conserve ammo. It’s a waste otherwise imo.

Know the enemy roster

Plan accordingly. Romans for example outclass a lot of other infantry but cavalry are weak and they don’t field many skirmishers usually. Skirmish flanks, destroy their cavalry then artillery and make them attack over unfavourable terrain and uphill. Wear then down.

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