Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster – Al Bhed Locations Guide

This is a guide I made after finding all the Al Bhed Primers hidden throughout the game. Hope this will be helpful to all the final fantasy fans trying to get this achievement.

Guide to Al Bhed Locations

Al Bhed Primer Locations

These are all the locations thoroughout the game where you can find all the Al Bhed Primers:

Al Bhed Salvage Ship (if missed, can be obtained in Sanubia Desert, to the northeast of the Oasis)

Besaid Village – Crusaders

S.S.Liki – Power Room (if missed, can be obtained in Sanubia Desert, by the ten where Wakka is found)

Kilika Port – Tavern

S.S.Winno – Bridge (if missed, can be obtained in Sanubia Desert, by the rubble near where Kimahri is found)

Luca Stadium – Basement B

Luca Theater – Reception

Mi’ihen Highroad (received from Rin)

Mi’ihen Highroad – Newroad, North

Mushroom Rock Road – Precipice

Djose Highroad

Moonflow – North Wharf

Guadosalam – House

Thunder Plains – Agency (the player must speak to Rikku, then to Rin inside the agency before going to Yuna’s room and telling Rin “Okay” when prompted)(If missed, can be obtained in Sanubia Desert, in a small dead-end area shortly after finding Rikku).

Macalania Woods – Lake Road

Lake Macalania – Agency Front

Sanubia Desert – Central

Sanubia Desert – Central

Al Bhed Home

Al Bhed Home – Living Quarters

Al Bhed Home – Main Corridor

Bevelle Temple – Priests’ Passage (can only be obtained right after the wedding scene)

The Calm Lands – Central

Remiem Temple

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

Omega Ruins

XIX, XX, XXI, XXII can only be obtained only the first time you get to the designed locations. You can’t return to that place using any kind of transport.

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