Final Fantasy XIV Online – The Ultimate Chocobo Guide

The animal known as Chocobo, or Chocob, appears frequently in the series. Chocobo is a large bird that has been domesticated for use as a mount, for pulling carts and carriages, and for racing. Chocobo is roughly equal to a horse in Final Fantasy. They have made some sort of cameo in each game in the series since their initial appearance in Final Fantasy II. They are a fixture, perhaps even the series’ mascot.

Your Chocobo

How to Acquire

You can accept the quest “My Little Chocobo” if you have selected a Company, which happens organically during the main tale, and you are level 20 or higher. Be careful not to overlook this Blue Side Quest because it is not a Main Scenario Quest.

The quest giver for this task will alter depending on which Company you selected, but the task itself will remain the same.


  • Quest: R’ashaht Rhiki
  • Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13.1, Y:12.8)

Twin Adder:

  • Quest: Vorsaile Heuloix
  • New Gridania (X:9, Y:11)

Immortal Flames:

  • Quest: Swift
  • Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:8, Y:8)

You must obtain Seals if you want to complete the quest. You should already have 300 seals after finishing the Main Scenario Quest of selecting a corporation. If you don’t already have these seals for some reason, you can just take part in a few destinies to swiftly acquire them.

Once you have 200, you can trade them in for a Chocobo Insurance at the Quartermaster. With that insurance, you may now trade it in for a Chocobo of your own! You must give your Chocobo a name in order to finish the quest. If you are having trouble coming up with a wonderful name right immediately, don’t panic; you can always change it later.

Before you reach level 30, you can rent a Chocobo from one of the major 3 Cities’ Chocobo Stable if you need one. Unlike the Porter, this lets you ride a chocobo under your own power for ten minutes. The Chocobo will vanish if you dismount from the 10 Minutes, which costs 80 Gil.

How to Level Up Your Chocobo

Chocobos can easily obtain level 10 by accumulating experience points.

You must give them Thavnairian onions though if you want to raise the maximum rank past 10. They can then get more experience points and raise their rank until it reaches the new ceiling.

Chocobos can gain experience points in stables constructed on public or exclusive housing estates. Additionally, other players might train their chocobo in your stable.

Please be aware that when training in a stable, a chocobo’s rank cannot rise. You must engage it in battle after it has accrued the necessary number of experience points for it to advance in rank.

You must raise a chocobo’s maximum rank by feeding it a Thavnairian onion in order to elevate its rank to 11 or higher.

Thavnairian onions can be bought at market boards, produced in backyard plots, or obtained as a prize from specific missions.

Up to rank 20 can be attained by a chocobo. By doing this, every talent relevant to each role will be available for choosing.

The maximum rank of the chocobo will rise by one for each Thavnairian onion devoured.

Tips for Leveling:

If you summon your chocobo whenever you fight outside, it will level naturally over time. However, there are two things you may do to expedite this. Every week, there are two challenges in your Challenge Log that will raise your Chocobos level.

  • Bosom Buddies I – Defeat 20 Enemies / Rewards 5% of your current XP
  • Bosom Buddies II – Defeat 100 Enemies / Rewards 10% of your current XP

The sync down option in destinies, which ensures that your Chocobo and you are always in the same level range and guarantees XP for your Chocobo, is how I advise completing these challenges. In general, it’s a decent approach to level. Your Chocobo will gain more experience points as you complete higher level fate.

In order to help in increasing the XP over time, it’s also a good idea to stable and train your chocobo if you know you’ll be in a dungeon or are about to log off. You can also get an XP Buff to boost your experience points and can speed up leveling by feeding your Chocobo Curiel Root as part of a training program to make it their favorite snack.

Chocobo Training Food

You can train your own Chocobos or those that are already in the stable when you’re there. After training ten Chocobos that don’t belong to you, you can get a Head Barding.

The amount of experience points your Chocobo presently has can be increased by training once every hour, but it requires particular foods in order to be able to do so. You can train your Chocobo with one of six different types of food. The food will become your Chocobo’s preferred snack after training it with it ten times. This information is available on the first page of your companion menu.

All six foods can be given to your Chocobo when it is engaged in combat outside; they won’t increase experience points, but they will give it a particular benefit. It will boost the food a little bit more if you give them their preferred snack. You must feed a Chocobo after you summon it; you cannot summon one with a snack.

Food Effects:

Curiel RootIncreased XP Gain
Sylkis BudIncreased Attack Power
Mimett GourdIncreased Healing Potency
TantalplantIncreased HP
Pahsana FruitIncreased Enmity
Krakka RootNo Effect

These effects do not manifest when using these foods for training; instead, they only manifest when your summoned chocobo is fed them. By training your Chocobo 10 times with a different diet at the stable, you can alter its preferred food.

Where to Get Snacks:

Quest Bird in Hand gives you 5 Krakka Roots.

The remaining foods must be obtained by yourself through personal gardening, from the market board, or from the Vath Vendor in the Dravanian Forelands. You must unlock the Vath as a Beast Tribe and achieve Reputation Friendly in order to do this. All Foods, with the exception of Krakka Root and Curiel Root, are then available for purchase for 348 Gil apiece. Only the Market Board or Gardening may use these. You might be able to purchase them there for less money than you would from the Vath Vendor, but keep in mind that Market Board prices can vary.


The amount of XP your Chocobo will get while training depends on 3 Stable Conditions.

  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Your stable should always be in good condition to maximize your XP gain. This can be accomplished by cleaning the stable using a magicked stable broom. To move from Poor to Good, you must use it twice.

Chocobo Stable Selling:

Shop NPCsHousing Merchant
LocationThe Lavender Beds
CoordinateX:11 Y:8
Shop NPCsHousing Merchant
LocationThe Lavender Beds Subdivisions
CoordinateX:14 Y:11
Shop NPCsHousing Merchant
CoordinateX:10 Y:11
Shop NPCsHousing Merchant
LocationMist Subdivisions
CoordinateX:10 Y:10
Shop NPCsHousing Merchant
LocationThe Goblet
CoordinateX:11 Y:9
Shop NPCsHousing Merchant
LocationThe Goblet Subdivisions
CoordinateX:11 Y:8

How to Unlock Battle Chocobo?

Getting on your Chocobo is one thing, but fighting alongside a plumed companion is quite another! Although not all new players are aware of it, it is available! The “Companion” system is the official name for the “Battle Chocobo” system.

My Feisty Little Chocobo Requirements

  • You must be at least Level 30.
  • You must have completed “My Little Chocobo” (For the chocobo mount)

Quest Completion Notes

Where may one purchase Gysahl Greens? You’ll need to use these if you want to finish the mission AND use your Chocobo in combat. Here is a simple illustration of where to get them.

  • Gridania: Maisenta – Vendor NW of Aetheryte Plaza
  • Limsa Lomania: Bango Zango – Only vendor in Aetheryte Plaza
  • Ul’dah: Roarich – Vender SE of Aetheryte Plaza, Ruby Road Exchange

In essence, they are sold by these “basic vendor NPCs” as well as pretty much every significant questing point in the future.

Using special commands, you can direct your Chocobo to assume several party positions (Free, Attacker, Defender, and Healer Stances), which you can find in the Actions & Traits menu by selecting Companions.

On your Chocobos name in the Party list, you can see what stance is now in effect.

FollowYour Chocobo will not engage in Battle and only follow you around. Good to lose emnity
Free StanceYour Chocobo will freely choose out of all its available skills and do what it thinks is the most important.
Defender StanceYour Chocobo will attack the enemy and use skills from your defender tree only
Healer StanceYour Chocobo will not engage in battle, but will focus on healing you and your party members
Attacker StanceYour Chocobo will focus purely on attacking and use skills from your attacker tree only

Changing Chocobo Bardings / Colors

Your Chocobo’s appearance can be altered primarily in two ways. Your Chocobo’s color and the barding.

The Appearance tab in your Chocobo menu contains information and customization options.

On your Chocobo, all customization options are visible both mounted and unmounted. You must keep your Chocobo steady and feed it particular items in a particular order in order to change the hue. It’s crucial to feed the food in the proper order to prevent undesirable outcomes because you’ll have to start over if the hue isn’t what you desire.

Following the snack feeding, the process takes six hours; do not disturb your Chocobo during this period, as doing so will cause the coloring to restart. This is mainly helpful if you changed the feeding order accidentally and want to start anew.

Chocobo Racing

How to Unlock Chocobo Racing:

In order to acquire the Gold saucer, which is required for Chocobo Racing, you must complete the level 15 quest “It Could Happen to You” in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:9.6, Y:9.0) by Well-heeled Youth. The Aetheryte can be used to teleport to the Chocobo Square once you gain access to the Gold Saucer. The quest “So You Want to Be a Jockey” should be waiting for you at the Race Chocobo Registrar there. Chocobo Racing and your first Fledgling Chocobo Registration are both made possible by the reward. You can pick between G1-M and G1-F, which essentially implies you can have a male or female Chocobo race. (This is only a matter of decision preference; it has no bearing on statistics.)


The level of a chocobo is determined by its rank, which may be raised through racing experience. Chocobo ranks can be retired as early as rank 40, with a maximum rank of 50.

Five random stats will each be enhanced by 1% of their maximum value when your chocobo’s rank rises. A single level-up allows for numerous selections of the same stat. Additionally, it wins a chance to feed.

Your chocobo will pick a new skill at random when it reaches rank 10. The following time your chocobo’s rank rises, a new ability is chosen if the ability is eliminated (using Lethe Water Lethe Water).


The racing class that your chocobo may compete in is determined by the chocobo’s Rating, a thorough evaluation of its capabilities. It represents the average of your five stats (without any bonuses from feeding).

A higher grade allows for entrance into elite races but may also bar competition in lesser divisions.

Maiden Class is for Ratings 1 through 20, R-40 Class is for Ratings 1 through 40, R-60 demands Ratings 41 through 60, R-80 requires Ratings 41 through 80, and so on, with R-300 being the highest and having a range of R241 to R300. In higher tier races, your chocobo will gain significantly more EXP and marginally more MGP.

You will have a little disadvantage compared to chocobos that are well-fed and have a similar rating if you don’t feed your chocobo or utilize lower grade feeds.

Race Items:

Race ItemEffect
Choco PotionRestores 10% of Stamina
Stamina TabletPrevents Stamina Reduction, will restore a small amount of Stamina when used at 0%
Sprint ShoesMakes you burst forward for 3 seconds
Choco AetherAllows to execute the previous racing ability again
Bacchus’s WaterForerunning Chocobo enters a frenzy in which it can’t stop running and will suffer stamina loss for 15 seconds
GraviballSlows down Forerunning Chocobo for 10 seconds
Briar CaltropSurrounds your Chocobo with a field of thorns that saps 5% stamina per second, up to 4 seconds, for each Chocobo inside the ring
Hero TonicIncreases your overall performance for 15 seconds, prevents and removes enfeeblement
Choco MeteorHits all forerunning Chocobos for 20% Stamina loss and adds lamed status, preventing any speeding
Stamina SwapperSwitch your Stamina with the forerunning Chocobo, only works if Chocobo in front of you has more stamina
SpiderwebChocobo behind you can’t use items for 10 seconds

Tips for Racing:

  • Unlike the majority of the game, your Chocobo Racing controls are server-side. This ensures that your position is always exact but makes the Chocobos feel slow. When trying to grab objects or avoid obstacles, it’s advised to consider one second ahead. As a result, jump one second earlier than you typically would to make sure the server is on your side.
  • AI is able to detect your actions. Plan carefully when you’re going to utilize items like the Briar Caltrop because they’ll be able to tell whether you accelerate or decelerate. Don’t underestimate AI’s capabilities if you can use them; they will be aware of some of your items as well.
  • When possible, control the items. You will constantly be aware of what is in a coffer. You will have the power to predict what the opponents will pick up if you are in first place. Make use of this to your benefit.
  • If another Chocobo is in your way, do not accelerate since collisions do happen. Only other players, not AI, will be able to block you; nevertheless, AI will still be able to do so.
  • Cut corners as much as you can to reduce the length of the route and the amount of energy required.
  • Feed your Chocobo whenever you can to avoid falling behind other Chocobos with the same rating (More on that in the next Section of the Guide)

Racing Challenges / Rewards


There are 15 different Challenge Races that you can sign up for.

Solo AI opponents are used throughout all 15 challenges. Every course has a unique theme and unique AI opponents that you must defeat. Red will be used to identify the exceptional opponents, who you must defeat. The only thing that matters is that you arrive before your red competitors. It doesn’t matter if you finish first throughout the race.

Each Challenge has a prize when it is completed. Sometimes this merely unlocks MGP, and other times it teaches your Chocobo and future Chocobos new abilities. You receive the Race Barding for completing the Final Challenge.

You will receive 445,000 MGP for completing all the challenges. MGP Buffs can also affect this, so if you need to acquire even more MGP, make sure to activate them.

You will need a high-rated Chocobo to be able to complete all of the Challenges because they get harder each time.

Rewards – Titles:

Bug Boy/GirlParticipate in 1 Chocobo Race
Senior JockeyParticipate in 300 Chocobo Races
Veteran JockeyParticipate in 3000 Chocobo Races
The First Across19
Chocobo BreederUnlock Chocobo breeding and breed your first Chocobo
Chocobo TrainerBreed a Chocobo to a rating of 285. You will need a minimum of 17 Stars for this

Rewards – Goodies:

Race BardingBeat Race Challenge 15
Chocobo MaskBreed a Pedigree 9 Chocobo
Achievements and MGPRace Challenges and Races in general as well your Challenge Log and breeding

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