Final Vendetta – All Extra Life Locations

Guide showing all the locations of the 6 extra lifes with pictures more a video.

All Locations of Extra Lifes

You have a total of 6 extra lifes in the game, 1 per stage, you can get all of them with any character, the extra lifes are not available if you are playing in ultra difficult, but is active for the rest of difficulties.

Extra life 1, Stage 1 – The Streets

Behind the crate, right before the boss of the stage.

Extra life 2, Stage 2 – The Underground

When you leave the first train, you need to hit the sign “way out”

Extra life 3, Stage 3 – The Elevator

Behind the pillar, before you enter the elevator.

Extra life 4, Stage 4 – Dockside

You need to hit the bird, is close to the start of the stage.

Extra life 5, Stage 5 – Club Tigre

You need to hit the sing “Utah”, is right before the mini boss, “the chef”

Extra life 6, Stage 6 – Manor Grounds

Right at the start of the stage, pick the knife and throw it at the mouse.

Full playthrougt of the game on hard with Claire and also i show all the locations of the extra lifes, the video have timestamps for each extra life.

Written by Pato.

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