Fire Emblem Engage – How to Add Animals to The Somniel

How to Add Animals to The Somniel

The Adoption Process

You have to finish Chapter 4 – A Land in Bloom before you can adopt any animals.

The majority of adoptable animals may be found on the post-battle maps, which are denoted by orange dots. When you approach one of these creatures, press A to display the adoption prompt. While some animals can be adopted outright, some require more care before being brought home.

You can pause at any location on the world map while exploring it to view details for that area, such as the creatures that are known to reappear after fighting. There are no animals in certain places, such as castles or dungeons.

The animal will become free to roam in Somniel as soon as you say yes. If you are now unable to adopt the animal, you can go back to Somniel’s Bulletin Board and choose Donations to start funding other countries. You can only adopt rare creatures like the Vervain Deer, Panna Camel, and others once you have advanced to level 2 with that country.

When you reach level 2, though, you must fight again on that area or against opponents nearby in order to access the post-battle explore and adopt more animals. Return later; if there are still no skirmishes there, they will have progressively changed locations.

The Stable

You must visit the stable in Somniel to release your new pets into the open. You can choose up to five animals at once to graze in the Farmyard from there.

The major benefit of this, aside from how adorable they all are, is that the animals will have gathered resources for you after each combat. Try a variety of animals to see what they each bring since they can each contribute a different kind of substance.

There doesn’t seem to be a restriction on the number of animals you can adopt, only the number that can be placed. Make sure to place the animals that receive the stuff you need the most because some will drop ingredients for cooking and others will drop resources for forging.

List of Animals and Rewards

AnimalDonation Level RequiredPossible Item
Elyosian SheepLevel 1Milk
White Hop RabbitLevel 1Berries
Hop RabbitLevel 1Berries
Eastern FreecatLevel 1Salmon
Western FreecatLevel 1Salmon
Southern FreecatLevel 1Salmon
Northern FreecatLevel 1Salmon
Firenese CatLevel 2Cod
Brodian CatLevel 2Herring
Elusian CatLevel 2Cod
Solmic CatLevel 2Eel
Calisson ChickenLevel 2Egg
Aura EagleLevel 2Mutton
Iris OwlLevel 2Tomato
Panna CamelLevel 2Beans
Wheat Flour
Elyosian PigeonLevel 1Nuts
Elyosian SeagullLevel 1Nuts
Elyosian DogLevel 1Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot
Silver Ingot
Black Elyosian DogLevel 1Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot
Silver Ingot
White Elyosian DogLevel 1Iron Ingot
Steel Ingot
Silver Ingot
Mére DonkeyLevel 2Rare Vegetable
Rutile MarmotLevel 2Rare Fruit
Vervain DeerLevel 2Rare Vegetable
Tartu FlamingoLevel 2Rare Fish

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