Fire Emblem Engage – How to Earn Friendship with Sommie

Sommie Explained

When you initially arrive at the Somniel, the Grotto is only a place you can stop by, however after finishing Chapter 4 – A Land in Bloom, you’ll find Sommie (or whatever you choose to name your new pal).

A weird creature called Sommie resides at the Somniel. You can interact with the pedestal at the Grotto every time you go to the Somniel to make Sommie more amiable.

What Does Sommie Do?

What else do you need Sommie to do since she is your friend? When you become friends with them, they’ll start to follow you about the Somniel. As your connection with Sommie grows, they will be able to help you with various tasks and participate in your group shots.

  • Depending on the activity, Sommie can help you out numerous times during strength training by correcting any mistakes you make (up to six times).
  • If you don’t press A at the appropriate time when you hook a fish, Sommie will help you.
  • Sommie will automatically fire targets for you on Wyvern Rides during a specific section of the course.

How to Increase Friendship with Sommie

The greatest increase in your bond with Sommie comes from feeding her. Any ingredient you have on hand is available to feed Sommie. Fruits are constantly available at the Orchard, and as oranges are a very popular fruit, there are almost always many available. However, it doesn’t appear to matter what you feed Sommie if you want to earn more friendship or bond fragments. However, you shouldn’t give them onions because it is clear from their behavior that they don’t enjoy them.

You can get some friendship by petting Sommie. They only require one pet from you. You will also receive 100 Bond Fragments when you go.

Putting on a costume for Sommie brings in the least quantity of friends. Even if you don’t really want to alter their appearance, simply selecting a few items and leaving is enough to win their friendship.

If you complete all three tasks during your visit, Sommie’s friendship meter will rise by one-sixth. Therefore, the Somniel will be halfway full after two additional trips there! Sommie will start to follow you about the Somniel as your bond grows. Even more so, you can invite them to participate in your weightlifting, fishing, and wyvern riding sessions.

Over time, Sommie’s friendship meter will decline, so be sure to pop by sometimes to feed and pet them!

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