Fire Emblem Engage – How to Gain Skill Points and Inherit Skills

How Skill Points Work

You might notice that there is an additional point value next to your experience after a combat called SP if you acquire Emblem Rings and start to battle alongside them. Although you don’t need to worry about it during the first few missions, you will ultimately need to start inheriting Skills from Emblem Rings characters.

Later units joining your squad may start with 1,000 or more by default, but early units often start with 300 to 500. However, unless you have rings on, you won’t be able to earn any more skill points as you battle enemies. The kind of ring you wear will affect how much SP you gain from fighting enemies:

  • Having and Emblem Ring equipped will match 100% of your XP point gain from fighting as SP.
  • Having a Bond Ring equipped will give you 50% of XP points as SP.
  • Not having any rings equipped will not give you any SP gain.

A character joining you at level 5 will have gained up to 1,500 SP during this time (if wearing an Emblem Ring), and they can gain 2,000 more by promoting to an advanced class because there are 100 points of XP in each level, which means if they reach level 20 (before promotion), they will have gained a maximum of 20 levels (before promotion). Additionally, even at maximum level, a unit will continue to gain SP even if additional XP cannot be earned.

Methods for Gaining Skill Points

As you may expect, getting experience the usual method is the best way to gain more skill points. In addition, you should immediately equip all of your units on the battlefield with Bond Rings, if not Emblem Rings. As soon as you finish Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom and get back to the Somniel, you can accomplish this (but can actually equip the 3 Bond Rings given from Fire Emblem Heroes Account Reward a bit earlier at the start of Chapter 4). At that point, you should have enough Bond Fragments to ensure that every member of your squad has a Bond Ring, no matter how rare it may be. As you get more Emblem Rings, they should all be donned (and you may even want to consider swapping them around to prioritize extra SP gains for those falling behind).

In most circumstances, the methods for gaining SP and XP are the same:

  • Initiate or Defeat enemies in combat.
  • Healing allies or using staves offensively or defensively.
  • Using unique actions like Dance

“Silver Corrupted” may occur during clashes on the world map. Make careful to use your most vital units to provide the final blow to these adversaries so that characters can receive double XP and SP for defeating them.

It should be noted that using Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice skill or similar extreme staff techniques that heal a group of allies will result in a significant loss of XP and SP for each ally impacted.

Additionally, you can obtain SP by engaging in arena sparring at the Somniel, but it’s not as simple as you might assume. You won’t receive any SP for the fight, only XP, as the arena seems to de-equip Emblem Rings during sparring. Equipping Bond Rings appears to be an exception, since you continue to receive SP equal to half of the XP gained from the arena match.

As a result, before entering the arena, we strongly advise fast switching out Emblem Rings for Bond Rings (as well as equipping that unit’s finest weapon), and then re-putting the Emblem Rings on afterward.

How to Inherit Skills

You can choose to inherit skills once you have a few Emblem Rings on your side and have a Level 5 link with them (which necessitates speaking with them at the Somniel).

Any Emblem Ring that a character has linked with can be traded in the Ring Chamber for Skill Points in exchange for the skills the ring would ordinarily provide the user who has equipped it. You will want to inherit the skills from an emblem that you don’t intend to equip in subsequent missions because an inherited skill cannot stack with an equipped emblem’s own talents.

The cost of a talent can vary widely depending on how strong or sophisticated it is, whereas simpler skills that only boost a base stat are frequently far less expensive to buy. However, you can only use two inherited skills at once. It is preferable to focus on one advanced talent and a cheaper skill because gaining Skill Points can be a slow and time-consuming process if you don’t intend on grinding skirmishes.

Remarkably, the cost of talents with numerous tiers is automatically modified to be cumulative rather than their high base price. If a skill’s initial tier costs 1,000 SP and its second level costs 2,000 SP, both levels will only cost 1,000 SP. This means that starting at the bottom and working your way up is nearly always preferable to waiting for a higher tier while the lower tiers are inactive.

Keep in mind that acquired skills do not come equipped by default. Once you have purchased the desired skills, make sure to enter your inventory, choose the desired unit, then select Manage Skills. After doing this, drag the desired skills over to the Inherited tab.

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