Fire Emblem Engage – How to Promote Units

In Fire Emblem, units can level up and gain power as they gain experience. They can be promoted to a higher class at a particular time, which will open up additional skills, weapons, and stat bonuses. How to promote units to new classes in Fire Emblem Engage is explained on this page.

Leveling Up

In Fire Emblem, units receive experience for participating in battle, using staves to heal themselves, and other actions. Every 100 experience points will result in a level up, which will boost a random number of stats; depending on the character, the chances of this are frequently significantly skewed.

Units can level up outside of battle by standing on specific yellow Spirits of the Fallen while online or by engaging in friendly combat with other allies in the Arena on The Somniel.

Once a unit reaches level 10, they can decide whether to advance by switching classes or to remain leveling up to gain more stats. Most units can only advance to level 20. (excluding the Thief and Dancer class, which do not promote and instead can level all the way to 40).

Promoting Your Units

When picking a unit that is prepared for promotion, you must inspect the character in your inventory menu and choose Change Class. This will take you to the page where you can view all of the possible classes the unit could switch to.

  • One Master Seal is required if you want to upgrade a unit from a Basic Class to an Advanced Class (for example, from a Cavalier to a Paladin). Additionally, this will bring them back to level 1.
  • You will require one second seal in order to reclass a unit from one advanced class to another, or from one basic class to another. Additionally, this will bring them back to level 1.

Each unit will have greater stats after being promoted to an advanced class, but the higher their level was prior to promotion, the higher their numbers would have been otherwise.

Weapon Proficiency Required

While most characters can simply develop into a class that matches their base class, you can also opt to switch into a class that uses a very different set of weapons or even more, but doing so will need you to have a specific level of weapon proficiency.

You must bond with the various Emblem Rings in order to achieve Weapon Proficiency; each Emblem Ring offers a distinct level of Weapon Proficiency as you advance through the Bond Ranks by battling alongside it. Based on this knowledge, you can decide in advance which Emblems to give your units, or you can spend Bond Fragments to have your unit fight the Emblem in the Arena on The Somniel, which will give you the Bond Level you want right away.

A direct promotion for non-lord characters is possible for some characters, including numerous nobles and lords like Alfred, Diamant, and Celine, who already have the weapon competence required to progress into their respective advanced classes.

EmblemWeapon Proficiency Offered (Bond Rank Level)
Emblem MarthSword Proficiency (Bond Rank 8)
Emblem SigurdLance Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Sword Proficiency (Bond Rank 9)
Emblem CelicaMagic Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Sword Proficiency (Bond Rank 9)
Emblem MicaiahStaff Proficiency (Bond Rank 3)
Knife Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Magic Proficiency (Bond Rank 9)
Emblem RoySword Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Emblem LeifAxe Proficiency (Bond Rank 2)
Bow Proficiency (Bond Rank 3)
Knife Proficiency (Bond Rank 4)
Staff Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Lance Proficiency (Bond Rank 7)
Sword Proficiency (Bond Rank 8)
Emblem LynBow Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Sword Proficiency (Bond Rank 8)
Emblem LucinaSword Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Bow Proficiency (Bond Rank 8)
Emblem IkeAxe Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Sword Proficiency (Bond Rank 9)
Emblem BylethArt Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Sword Proficiency (Bond Rank 9)
Emblem CorrinSword Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Emblem EirikaLance Proficiency (Bond Rank 6)
Sword Proficiency (Bond Rank 9)
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