Fire Emblem Engage – How to Use Amiibo

How to Use Amiibo

Amiibo Gazebo

Those who have played Fire Emblem: Three Houses and explored Garreg Mach may be familiar with this resurfacing building.

The amiibo Gazebo in Fire Emblem: Engage lets you scan up to five amiibo each day. You can get arbitrary prizes, such as things, presents, or materials for cooking in the game, by tapping any kind of Amiibo.

You will receive a prize for scanning any amiibo; we tested a variety of amiibo, and even the Super Mario Cereal amiibo box worked, suggesting that most amiibo work. While scanning amiibo of Fire Emblem characters has a larger possibility of granting you better rewards and even few special ones, every amiibo will still provide you with something.

A Fire Emblem character’s amiibo can be used to unlock exclusive clothes for Alear to wear as well as songs from the games the Fire Emblem character appeared in. Technically speaking, they’ll give you Fashion Tickets (and Music Tickets), which you can spend to purchase the attire in the Boutique (the Boutique unlocks after completing Chapter 5 – Retaking the Castle).

The clothing and music for the game’s primary 12 Emblems may be unlocked by scanning the first 12 FE amiibo. However, until you’ve encountered that appropriate Emblem in the story, the attire and song won’t be available.

It’s crucial to remember that when scanning an amiibo, only the fact that it is of a Fire Emblem figure counts. The character itself is irrelevant. Since Marth is the first of the game’s Emblem Heroes, for instance, it will offer you the Marth outfit if you scan Byleth as your first amiibo.

Every 24 hours, you are only allowed to scan five amiibo, and you are not allowed to scan the same amiibo twice until the 24 hours have passed. This implies that even if you only own one Fire Emblem Amiibo, you will be able to unlock every single exclusive outfit and piece of music, but it will take 12 days of daily scanning.

You may still scan FE amiibo to get random items, weapons, gold, and even relay tickets after unlocking all the outfits and music. The first amiibo you scan each day after unlocking all the outfits and music will win you a Relay Ticket, in addition to the daily Relay Ticket you can earn by simply checking into the game every day.

You may access the Emblem clothes you get from the amiibo Gazebo from the Boutique. However, amiibo outfits are gender-specific, unlike the items bought at the Boutique. For instance, Marth’s attire is solely available to the male characters.

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