Fire Emblem Engage – Money / Gold Guide

Your primary source of income in Fire Emblem Engage is the acquisition of gold, which can be used to purchase a variety of weapons and accessories as well as other goods. Check out our guide for all the ways you can locate gold and make extra money because it can be difficult to find gold.

How to Make Money

Uses for Gold

Spending your hard-earned gold on a variety of activities will be crucial to your success as you travel across the country.

Gold is typically used to purchase weapons and other items. After Chapter 4 – A Land in Bloom, these stores will be added to the Somniel, and as the main narrative progresses, their inventory will expand to include stronger products that may be purchased for more money.

You can access the Smithy and Boutique after Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle. Both the cosmetic clothing sets you can use at the Boutique to personalize your team and the things you may refine at the Smithy to boost their damage and hit rating both cost metal and money.

The Bulletin Board’s Donations section is another significant money-sink you may fund. You’ll be able to start investing gold as you explore each of Elyos’ four major nations, which will enhance the rewards you may earn from the sporadic battles that will pop up on the areas you’ve already explored. Depending on the country, these donation tiers will also give you particular gifts like ingredients, ingots, apparel, and weaponry. Make sure you’re prepared to invest a lot before giving away your gold because it will cost you a lot to advance to each nation’s highest tier.

  • Donation Level 2 – 5,000 Gold
  • Donation Level 3 – 10,000 Gold
  • Donation Level 4 – 25,000 Gold
  • Donation Level 5 – 50,000 Gold

How to Earn More Gold

Thankfully, there are a few ways to make money, however there aren’t many different ways to do this. The majority of it centers on engaging with the main plot or concentrating on skirmishes.

Acquire War Funds

Simply moving the main tale along is the simplest approach to earn extra money. As you accomplish this, you will frequently come to the aid of other countries, and by helping them fend off the Fell Dragon and the Corrupted, you will receive war money to support your own army. As you progress, you’ll earn bigger quantities of money, and when you finish the main tale, you’ll get a huge payout:

Chapter CompletedWar Funds
Chapter 4 – A Land in Bloom10,000 Gold
Chapter 5 – Retaking the Castle10,000 Gold
Chapter 8 – The Kingdom of Might30,000 Gold
Chapter 14 – The Battle for Solm40,000 Gold
Chapter 20 – The Kingless Castle50,000 Gold
Chapter 26 – The Last Engage100,000 Gold

Paralogues and Emblem Trials

Making time to explore all of the Paralogue Side Missions that will surface throughout the country is another money-making strategy you may pursue while playing the main tale. There are often 2-4 adversaries in each Paralogue that are carrying between 1,000 and 1,500G each in gold.

While later paralogues can have up to 4,000 Gold each, early paralogues that occur anywhere between Chapter 4 and Chapter 11 typically have 2,000 Gold total to obtain from taking down these opponents. Beware: when you’re confronting the boss of the Paralogue, the adversaries carrying this money could be challenging to find and defeat. Before tackling the primary mission objective, make sure to eliminate them!

Gold Corrupted Skirmishes

In areas of the World Map that you have already cleared, random adversaries, training missions, and corrupted will surface in addition to the main tale. Each zone has a chance for Gold Corrupted to arise, and you can win these bouts to earn money by defeating your foes.

Look around the battlefield during a Gold Corrupted Skirmish for the opponent wearing gold armor and go after them to grab their money. There will typically be a few of them, and they can drop a sizable amount of gold for each one taken out.

Additionally, you can use your hard-earned cash to invest in Nations and speed up the appearance of Gold Corrupted. Be careful not to spend it all on just farming money back. Each nation has a unique % probability, which can be enhanced with more donation tiers. Additionally, it looks that Gold Corrupted may drop more gold when donations are made at higher levels.

Donation TiersFirene Gold Corrupted ChanceBrodia Gold Corrupted ChanceElusia Gold Corrupted ChanceSolm Gold Corrupted Chance
Level 120%10%30%20%
Level 220%10%40%20%
Level 330%30%50%20%
Level 430%20%60%20%
Level 540%30%70%20%

By saving, leaving, and setting the internal clock of the Nintendo Switch to the following day, you can make new random encounters arise if no Gold Corrupted appear on the World Map.

Anna’s Making a Killing Skill

Building up a specialized unit to handle all your dirty task will be a really exact strategy to get some more money. You can add Anna to your team once you’ve finished Paralogue – Mysterious Merchant. She has a worse starting strength than other axe fighters, but she possesses a highly special skill.

Any adversary that Anna kills has a Luck% chance of dropping 500G right away when she makes a killing. If you use her properly, this could turn into a very profitable opportunity, but you’ll also need to make sure that the majority of enemies are lured to Anna so she can kill them, and that she has a high enough Luck attribute to regularly trigger the skill (We recommend giving her any Goddess Statues you find, and equipping her with Bond Rings that gives +Luck, or any S-Rank Bond Rings that have a skill to increase the activation chance of other skills). Additionally, you should send her to strategic locations on the map and take care to guard her well enough so that attackers can engage her without also taking down your other units.

Selling Unwanted Items

The tried-and-true strategy of selling surplus things is last but certainly not least. Unfortunately, items from your storehouse, such as ingredients, ingots, and resources, cannot be sold. However, you can sell a variety of goods, including weapons. To have your soldiers wait on purple Spirits of the Fallen tiles identified by other players and grant you a random weapon, make sure to play online as well.

Vulneraries, elixirs, and even leftovers prepared by your unts are all things you can sell (albeit they don’t fetch much money).

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