Firmament – Electrical Circuits / Power Supply

2 electrical circuits are required during the game and here are two solutions working for a total output of 115V.

Electrical Circuits

First Circuit

Second Circuit


  1. The first circuit values are Red 20,Yellow 15,Green 10, Blue 5. The first circuit solution ( from the screenshot above is : 2R+3Y+3B=115 . (2×20)+(3×15)+(3×10)=115 The second circuit ( after adding acid to the lake all battery values get progressively higher . Red 25, Yellow 20. Green 15,BLue 10. The second circuit image below shows 2Y+3G+3B=40+45+30=115. The highest value is always red on the left so it makes sense that blue is the lowest.

  2. I don’t think I ever really solved this logistically, The only thing I figured out is what counts as a circuit and then I just bumbled about making as many different pathways that I could until I found the correct one.

  3. The mechanics don’t change. The first solution just gives you confirmation bias and you assumed your conclusion of summing up bridges was correct, not realising that summing up batteries was the correct way to solve the puzzle. Ie you got lucky that the 2 methods give the same answer. I guess you’re expected to actively debunk it yourself by putting in an unequal number of yellow and green batteries in the first round. Once you do that you’ll realise that your conclusion on summing up bridges is wrong. As your initial conclusion was wrong, you won’t be able to solve the second puzzle with the same method because now both methods give different solutions. Now you need to reassess your assumptions and realise your initial conclusion was wrong.

  4. Really struggling to understand solution to the second circuit. Green circuit = 35v, Blue = 10v, Yellow=0.The solution should have produced 135v, yet somehow it gets 115v. Is this a bug?

    • the second circuit is after the factory, it’s later in the game. You have to bring back power once again and the values for each color for the second circuit were (to be confirmed but that’s how I solved it): red = 25, yellow = 20, blue = 10 and green = 5

      • According to Cyan official guidebook yellow is 20 ( when you first measure the only battery in the circuit is yellow ( and 5 i assume is the base itself ) . as you experiment and add other colours ONE by ONE , you will easily calculate their values. red 15,green 10, blue 5.

    • I understand what is waying as I made the same wrong assumption,
      but in fact, you should not count the bridges, but the batteries themselves (the nodes, not the edges),
      hence the first equation is not Green = 35 but Green + Yellow = 35

    • I’m also with you on the math (R25, Y0, G35, B10) and had to look up the solution. Sure enough, the mechanics do seem to change for the 2nd circuit, where the left starting node is considered to be “yellow,” i.e. always adding 20 volts to the total, even though it doesn’t have a bridge or color inherently associated with it. For the first circuit using the bridges and colors worked just fine with only “two yellows” available on the board.

  5. the pictures of the circuits shows the order to which the circuits will be. if you get 75v, it means you have not advanced far enough in the story for it to equal 115v.

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