Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – How to Break Animatronic Ankles

Animatronics tend to chase you around, and learning how to trick them into falling or making their A.I. fail to locate you location for a enough time for you to get away is very helpful and I shall teach you how.

Guide to Break Animatronic Ankles

Glamrock Chica (Medium Difficulty to Perform)


  • Chica tends to build up her pace at you over a moderate length of time.
  • You can tell this by listening for her footsteps get faster and louder behind you.


  • When she is approximately 5 ft. away from you, use your running speed to perform this glitch: jump a tad to your left or right, and immediately when you hit the ground, crouch and jump backwards so your behind Chica..
  • Run away while Chica struggles to notice how your 10 miles away from her dumb hands.

Roxanne Wolf (Kinda Hard)


  • Roxy can’t find you if you hide.
  • Roxy is quite fast, and sprints at you upon seeing you.


  • When she sees you, run immediately.
  • Find a hiding spot if you can.
  • If not, get behind a corner while she is still running at you.
  • Upon that, move forward but don’t sprint.
  • When she is close, move back to the edge of the corner.
  • When she walks/runs by the corner, lunge right back to the room or hallway you started at.
  • If she still knows where you are, do it again.

Montgomery Gator (Hard)


  • Monty is quite stoopid.
  • He’s slow.


  • When Monty is about to jump at you, make sure you can see him and that you have somewhere to move to your left or right.
  • When he leans back before he leaps, simply do the glitch from Chica’s part. (crouch and jump back)
  • Run and get somewhere safe.

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  1. absolute legend, i didnt even realise how much i disliked it when the animatronics chased me. But now i can break their ankles :> thank you for making this guide!

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