Flashback – All Ends Guide

Here is simple guide to all ends.

Guide to All Ends


  • The value should be higher rather than lower. If it is high, you can lower it and upgrade by clicking “give up”. If it is low, you will die.
  • You can choose to give up before you encounter a bad event deduction value.
  • In the process of value moving, if you choose “give up”, you will be deducted according to the instantaneous value, which can be used to stop the loss in time or inhibit the rising
  • Health value is the most important of the three values.
  • Events that trigger three ordinary endings will occur in the first 29 days, and will not occur after 31 days.
  • Level 9+ is required to survive the rubble attack on the 30th day.

Achievement Gallery

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End 1

  • Help the Subhuman who are hunted by the special police.
  • Yes, I promise.
  • Reputation reaches full value.
  • Promise Subhuman.

End 2

  • Go downstream to find the package.
  • Your attitude is not good. No!
  • See what the other party will do next.
  • Health reaches full value.
  • Promise.

End 3

  • Ask the gorgeous girl if she needs help.
  • Take the ring.
  • Help girls when they are surrounded.
  • Money reaches full value.
  • But this is my money.
  • Promise.

True End

  • Upgrade to 5+.
  • Buy a 20 gold coin sachet.
  • Defeat the Goose (get the dice of fate).
  • Upgrade to 9+.
  • Survived the rubble attack on the 30th day.
  • Killed by his own explosion (plot killing).
  • Select from the 31st day.
  • Upgrade to about 30.
  • Quickly and continuously click the bottom right corner of the game screen for 5 times to traverse to the first day.
  • Stay until the 30th day and ensure grade 30+.
  • Survived the explosion.
  • Select “give up” in the final selection of the plot.
  • Be careful not to reach the first three outcomes.

Easter Egg

After reaching TRUE END, the mirror in the title page breaks and the portrait disappears.

Hanging up will find that the font flickers, the light flickers, and the screen shakes. After a period of time, the hiden CG will flash (I failed to capture it).

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