Foglight – Short Basic Walkthrough Guide

I couldn’t find any helpful info about this game, so after beating it through trial and error I wrote down what I found out in case it helps anyone else.

Guide to Short Basic Walkthrough


  1. You start out in the lighthouse keeper’s house next to the lighthouse. Grab the flashlight, batteries, and note from the table. You can find additional supplies on a table downstairs and a lighter and lighter fluid in a locker. Play the VHS tape in the tape player if you want.
  2. Go outside and follow the path, crossing the bridge. There’s no going back once you do, as the bridge will collapse if you try to go back over it.
    Note: After crossing the bridge, the shed is on your left. If you go right and follow the coastline, you’ll find an SCP Foundation camp with some supplies and a VHS tape. This gets you an achievement.
  3. Go through the shed and see Farberto the Werebear ahead of you. This is just a scripted scare and not a real encounter.
  4. Go straight forward and you’ll eventually reach the Manager’s house. Inside you’ll find some batteries on a table and shelf, a save point and note upstairs, and some painkillers in the bathroom. Farberto will likely be waiting for you outside, if he tries to corner you in the house you can sometimes lose him by lighting a fire to distract him then hiding out on the balcony. If that fails, jump off the balcony when he tries to chase you. You’ll take some damage but will have time to make a run for the hedge maze before he can get back out of the house.
  5. Go through the hedge maze on the left side of the house. In the center of the maze (marked on the map by the entrance) is a note with the gold padlock combination on it. You want to leave the maze from the exit on the opposite side from where the entrance is. The path is straightforward, just keep going forward and make a left turn when you need to.
  6. Upon exiting the maze, keep going forward and you should see a wire fence ahead of you. There’s a gap in the fence you can squeeze through.
  7. Ahead of you is a wrought iron gate with a gold padlock. The combination (which you can find in the hedge maze) is 867.
  8. You’ll find the Manager’s body by the windmill along with a note. He mentions a key near his body: the key isn’t actually near his body inside the windmill, it’s on a barrel on the outside of the windmill.
  9. At this point you have a choice of 3 endings:

Ending 1: Stand and Fight

  1. Backtrack all the way back to the Manager’s house. Interact with the painting on the wall to open the door to the panic room. In the panic room has some supplies and a locked cabinet you can open with the key you got from the windmill. Inside the cabinet is the key to the lighthouse.
  2. Go back through the hedge maze to the gold padlock gate. Instead of going through the gate, go left from the gate past the crosses to the fence on the opposite side. There’s a gap in the fence you can fit through.
  3. Go forward through the forest and you should reach the sea. Follow the coast to the left and you should find a bridge leading back to the lighthouse. The bridge is blocked by a gate with a red padlock.

The combination to the padlock is written on 3 red playing cards hidden throughout the forest. The only clue as to their location are 3 vague pictures on a note near the gate.

I say ♥♥♥♥ that.

You only need 1 or 2 cards to brute force the combination. I found the middle card on some crosses near the Manager’s house, a 2 of Spades. From this card I deduced A) the middle digit is 2, and B) none of the digits are 0 because there is no 0 playing card.

Brute forcing the code I found it to be 429.

  1. After crossing the bridge you’ll find a locked door. You can unlock it by clicking on the latch.
  2. Make your way back to the lighthouse keeper’s house. You can now unlock the door to the lighthouse. Inside a locker here is a VHS tape “Still Alive?” from the Manager. More importantly, there’s a pistol and some ammo at the top of the lighthouse.
  3. Farberto appears outside the house. You can either go outside and fight him directly, or lure him into the house by playing the VHS tape in the VCR.

I found the best strategy is to play the tape, then lurk near the door to the lighthouse corridor. When Farberto busts through the wall, unload a full mag into him and retreat through the door into the corridor when you need to reload. Retreat back to the lighthouse door. Farberto should bust through one of the corridor walls. A second mag dump into him should kill him.

Ending 2: Nightmare

  1. Instead of going to the Manager’s house, take the ladder by the windmill and go through the wood gate to enter the underground area. There’s some supplies and a save point here.
  2. Run past a boulder trap and right into a torture room. There’s a torch and torch fuel on a cart here, and a note on a torture chair. A pillar on the far wall has a combination lock. The combination can be found on 3 paintings in the room. The combination is (top to bottom): 2 axes, a snake torc (a bracelet with 2 snake heads), and a horn. This opens the wall.
  3. Jump over a trap tripwire on the floor and drop into the hole in the floor to reach the underground maze.
  4. In the underground maze, head left and you’ll eventually find a fake-looking wall. Interact with the torch near the fake wall to find a secret passage with a ladder leading back to the surface.
    Note: the Bear’s Den is just past this area a little further into the maze if you want the achievement.
  5. It’s now night and you’re inside the Manager’s panic room. Make your way back to the lighthouse. From this point everything is the same as in Ending 1, except the red padlock gate has already been busted open by the monster (so you don’t need the code) and the lighthouse door is already unlocked.

Ending 3: Escape

  1. Takes place in the same underground area as Ending 2. After dropping down the hole into the maze, instead of heading left to the secret passage, head right and take every right and you should find a gas room with spinning flames.
  2. Walk between the flames to reach a gas valve to turn off the flames. Near the flames is a door leading to a dead end with a note and some lighter fluid.
  3. On the other side of the large gas room, across from the entrance you came in, is an exit leading to a lit room with a valve in it. Turn the valve to open a secret door in the next room.
  4. Proceed to the next room (there’s an iron maiden in it) and through the secret door. Follow the path and you should find a room with a lever. Pull the lever to open the exit door.
  5. Farberto will now attack you from the entrance you came through. Run back into the room with the lever; he can’t follow you through the tight space. Instead, he’ll run to the other side and knock down the metal gate. When he does, run back behind the tight space so he can’t follow you. He’ll go the long way around to get to you. Wait for him to get close, and dash back through the tight space, running as fast as possible through the gate he knocked down and through the exit door just to your left as you pass the knocked down gate.
  6. You’re back on the surface as dawn breaks. There’s a save spot inside the shelter ahead of you.
  7. Move past the shelter and towards the boat, and Farberto will appear behind you. Run ahead away from him and you’ll reach a fence. You need to stack boxes next to the fence so you can climb the stack and jump over the fence (right click to pick up a box and left click to set it). You’ll have to do this on two different fences before Farberto can reach you. Run towards the boat and once you reach it you’ll escape the island.
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