Football Manager 2023 – How to Change User Data Location

The game automatically creates a directory in your user documents on your C drive when you first start the game. This is where all your saves, tactics, shortlists are stored as well as graphics and logo packs. You may want this stored elsewhere, this guide shows you how.

Guide to Change User Data Location


  • Create or locate the file you want to store your User Data. For example if you want it on your D drive perhaps create a file on your D drive called “Football Manager 2023”.
  • Go into Steam > Library and right click the game.
  • Select “Properties” and then in the “General” tab, you will see “Launch Options” with a text box underneath it.
  • Copy the following into the text box: –user_data_location=””
  • Replace with the file path that you wish your user data to be stored. For example, if you wanted it on your D drive in your Football Manager 2023 folder as per the example above, you would enter the following: –user_data_location=”D:\Football Manager 2023″

Once you boot the game Football Manager will generate all the user files here. You can then add graphics, skins, facepacks and other modifications here instead of the default.

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