Forgive Me Father – One HP Cluch Achievement Guide

This achievement can be accomplished on the first level of the mission if done correctly.

How to Obtain One HP Cluch Achievement


  1. Have your game set to Very Easy to prevent yourself from dying immediately to wretches.
  2. Using both barrels and wretches, you wanna ensure that the last number in your health ends in 6-3-1.
  3. It doesn’t matter how much you have in terms of anything past those.
    183 = Good
    86 = Good
    41 = Good
  4. Do not pick up any health from dropped by wretches or played around (Most heal for 10-15 and can mess the whole run up).
  5. In the final part of the level, a door closes and a horde of wretches emerge. Kill all of them except for one and let him hit you until it reaches 1 HP.
  6. Kill them.
  7. Ensure you avoid the health kit placed at the end of the open door path.
  8. Boom! Achievement!

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