Forgotten Faces – Full Walkthrough

I’m not sure where every clue for the puzzles are but this guide will get you to the end. If something doesn’t work just keep trying, despite being correct I had to repeat things 10+ times before it finally worked.


  • Pick up the books and oil from the shelves
  • Move the skull to get needle
  • Combine needle with oil – use on suitcase
  • Pick up the key and exit the room
  • Go to the lone door
  • Pick up bucket – use on bottom sink
  • Pick up toilet roll from top stall – use on bottom stall
  • Pick up the key and use it on bottom door
  • Look at pictures if you want for your puzzle hint
  • Head into the next room
  • Get firepoker next to fireplace
  • Use bucket on fireplace – press the button
  • Get pencil from desk
  • Get note next to the newspapers
  • Place books on shelf – Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
  • Go back to the toilets
  • Open closed stall with firepoker
  • Back to the study room
  • Use the code on desk – 4829
  • Head into the painting room – a hidden door is revealed
  • Get salt shaker from near bottom of shelf
  • Take the fridge magnet and Notepad next to it
  • Take soap from sink
  • Take knife near meat – use on soap
  • Use soap on mortar + pestle right next to it – then salt shaker
  • Use salt shaker on the spices
  • Get ice cream from fridge – give to kid
  • Combine notepad with pencil – give to kid
  • Go through the elevator (black door)
  • Take the shovel – use to get pillow on top shelf
  • Exit this room through the normal door
  • Get sticky note
  • All the way back to study
  • Use sticky note with phone
  • Now back to that room
  • Take tape from near person – combine with shovel and magnet
  • Use the bag on screwdriver (above cube painting)
  • Use shovel to get screwdriver
  • Back into kitchen
  • Use screwdriver on electrical box
  • One more time back to where you were
  • Up the stairs and into the finish room

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