Forsake – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Estimated difficulty: 3/10.
  • Estimated 100% time: ~8-12 hours (skill/luck dependent).
  • Offline/online achievements: 14 offline / 0 online.
  • Number of playthroughs: Multiple of each entity for lore pages.
  • Glitched achievements: 2 possibly. Can’t touch this!, Curiosity killed the cat
  • Missable Achievements: None.

Please note that this guide is presented as if you’re playing solo, as that’s how I played the game. A lot of the achievements and strategies may be much easier with more players.


I will survive!

  • Complete the main mission without dying

Simply banish an entity without dying. This will likely come naturally as you get better at the game, but you can knock this out quickly by playing the Asylum on Easy.

Who you gonna call?

  • Dazzle an entity 20 times with a lightstick

Whenever you throw a glow stick at an entity, it will stun them for a few seconds. You simply need to do this 20 times. This will likely come naturally as you work towards other achievements.

Here’s Johnny!

  • Unlock all doors in one exploration

This is easiest done on the Asylum map as it’s the smallest one. You can refer to your map to see what rooms you’ve opened/been inside.

The question is not who I am but where I am

  • Start an exploration once with all characters

Start a match as all 4 characters. You can change your character by going to the Equipment tab at the main menu.

Leave together

  • Leave an exploration by the quit zone with the whole squad alive

You must leave via the Exit area with every player alive. You can easily knock this out solo by hanging around until the Exit unlocks and immediately leaving.

8 minutes

  • Complete the relic task in less than 8 minutes

You must successfully banish an entity in less than 8 minutes. Your best bet is to play Asylum on Easy. Even then, 8 minutes is a fairly tight window. I highly recommend you know the map fairly well before attempting this. You can also use a Compass to help you find key items quicker.

In the rush

  • Run more than 5 minutes in an exploration

I’m not entirely sure if this is for running 5 minutes in a single game, or 5 minutes collectively, as I unlocked this pretty early into my 2nd run. You’ll likely earn this naturally, but if not you can load up the Suburbs or School on Easy and run laps.

The exorcist

  • Complete 10 times the main mission

You have to successfully banish 10 entities. This will come naturally as you work towards levelling up, completing Hard mode, etc.


  • Score a Basket in the School Map

On the bottom floor of the school is an outside courtyard, typically in the middle of the map. Head outside and locate a basketball on the floor, then throw it in the hoop near the corner of the courtyard.


  • Unlock your first skill


  • Unlock a 20 points skill

You will need to reach level 20 to unlock a 20 point skill. Unless you’re extremely lucky with lore pages, you’ll likely reach level 20 while grinding them out. But if you still need XP, the fastest way is to play on higher difficulties and complete all of the objectives. If you have points in other perks, you can simply unequip them to refund your points.

Can’t touch this!

  • Complete the main mission without picking up any loot or equipment

Possibly bugged! I have loaded into a match with no items equipped and banished an entity only picking up keys and relics, but have not earned the achievement yet. The things I didn’t pick up are: Loot items, Equipment items, glow sticks, med kits, lore page, code papers.

I’m not 100% certain if this is glitched. If anyone has earned this legitimately, please let me know.


  • Complete one bestiary page

Curiosity killed the cat

  • Complete all the bestiary

Possibly bugged! I’ve done over 100+ resets (roughly 4 hours worth) trying to find Reaper lore #2 and have had no luck. It’s the only page I haven’t seen in the almost 14 hours I’ve played the game.

In order to complete the Bestiary, you need:

  • All 3 individual lore pages for all 5 entities.
  • Banish each entity on at least Hard difficulty.
  • A photo of all 5 entities.

Note that only 1 lore page spawns per run, based on the entity you have on the map. You’re also not guaranteed a lore page you don’t have, as it’s completely random which one spawns.

The main difference for Hard mode is you only have 2 glowsticks, The speed, intelligence, aggression, and damage of each entity seemed to be the same as Normal mode. So if you’re confident in that difficulty, this one shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge. The easiest map is the Asylum map in my opinion. The School is also very easy, but it’s pretty large and there seems to be a bug where certain key items may not spawn.

  • Turn your flashlight off when the entity is close. Crouching behind cover or finding a hiding spot is also good.
  • The Presence Detector is extremely powerful. It will tell you how close the Entity is to you in proximity. I always had a Presence Detector, Crowbar, and Camera for my Hard runs. The camera can also be upgraded to stun the Entity once per game.
  • Conserve your glowsticks for when you really need them. Try to use hiding spots or looping to keep yourself alive. But if you need to pop one to escape just go for it, there’s plenty on the maps to restock.
  • Always try to keep at least 1 glowstick on you at all times.
  • I can’t be certain, but the entities seemed to get more aggressive the more artifacts I had. Once I had all 3, I just booked it to the ritual site and finished the mission.
Written by Stef

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