Forspoken – Archivist Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get the Archivist Achievement / Trophy

Archivist – Unlock 80% of the Archive.

Half of the archive will unlock after completing the storyline. You will unlock the remaining archives when you explore the world while completing the remaining achievements. The archive consists of:

  • Characters
    • Meet the characters during story missions and side quests.
  • Equipment
    • Complete labyrinths to unlock equipment;
    • Unlock cloaks, nails and neckless.
  • Resources
    • Open the chests and take their contents. Picking up any resource once will automatically add it to the archive. Chests on the map are indicated by purple dots.
  • Enemies
    • Travel the open world. If you kill an enemy once, he will automatically be archived.
  • World
    • Collect notes;
    • Visit landmarks in the open world;
    • Complete story and side quests.

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