Forspoken – How to Remove FPS Lock (Cheat Engine)

How to Remove FPS Lock

Open Cheat Engine, select the Forspoken process, search for “Scan Type: Exact Value” and “Value Type: 4 Bytes”.

  1. In value enter the FPS cap option you have set in the game and press “First Scan” and wait for the Scan to finish. This can take a minute or so.
  2. Now change the FPS cap option ingame to a different value, enter that Value in Cheat Engine and click on “Next Scan”

Repeat step 2 until you only get 3 results. Select all 3 results. Right click “Change value of selected addresses” and enter the value for the FPS cap you want. You can just enter 999 if you want to use V-Sync.

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