Forza Horizon 5 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Full list of all 53 Forza Horizon 5 achievements / trophies.


It’s going to be a good time saver if you do the following things as soon as possible:

  1. Buy Buenas Vistas house (2 000 000 cr). Unlock the Horizon Street Scene Outpost first.
  2. Destroy all fast travel boards.

Also if you don’t have enough credits try searching EventLab for some money races. Like 1 million for 5 long laps.

House Location:

Fast Travel Boards Map:

How to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies

Welcome to Mexico

  • Arrive at Horizon Festival Mexico

Complete the initial drive at the beginning of the game

Race into Action

  • Complete any Horizon Race Event

Enter and complete any one Race Event in FH5, which you will be able to do immediately after completing the first three objectives in FH5 (the initial drive, the first Showcase Event, and the first Horizon Story)


  • Complete the “On a Wing and a Prayer” Showcase Event

The “On a Wing and a Prayer” Showcase Event is the second objective, immediately after the initial drive and introductory cinematic. You’ll need to drive to the designated location and race against a cargo plane and two wingsuit-equipped NPCs riding dirt bikes.


  • Participate in a Horizon Arcade Event

After you finish the prologue, Horizon Arcade Events will pop up all over Mexico. Drive to 1 of these pink circles, wait until the event starts and get involved. You don’t need to win it, although it’s worth trying to, as you need to win 5 of them for the ‘Unlimited Prowess’ achievement.

This is how the event looks:

Mi Casa

  • Unlock the first Player House

The first Forza Horizon 5 player house is “Casa Bella”.

Once you complete the initial drive, first Showcase Event, first Horizon Story, and earn enough Accolade points to start a new Horizon Adventure chapter, you’ll be directed to Mulegé, where you’ll be given Casa Bella by Ramiro

First Love

  • Purchase your first car from the Autoshow

Buy any car at all from the Forza Horizon 5 Autoshow.

This Is the Way

  • Start a new chapter of the Horizon Adventure

Earned after you complete the initial drive, first Showcase Event, first Horizon Story, and accept your first player house from Ramiro in Mulegé.

After which, Forza Horizon 5 should expand and give you increased access to the Horizon Adventure campaign.

Viva Horizon!

  • Unlock your first Horizon Finale Event

To unlock the final event (The Goliath, The Marathon) you need to spend all the tickets you get from the Accolade Points on one stage (Mainstage unlocks The Goliath). The last one(4th) is the Horizon Finale Event. Unlock it and this achievement is yours.

Putting on a Show

  • Win every Showcase Event

Dotted through the Forza Horizon Adventure map, there will be Showcases that you can unlock. The first one, ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’ is unlocked early on in the Forza Horizon Adventure (it’s the second one to unlock in the Mainstage category). The other 3 are unlocked as follows:

  • Flood, Sweat and Gears – The third ticket that needs to be unlocked in the Dirt Racing outpost line-up.
  • Buggy and the Beast – The second ticket in the Cross-Country Racing outpost line-up.
  • Catch Me If You Canyon – The second ticket in the PR Stunts outpost line-up.

Remember, you need to win them.


  • Build the Horizon Wilds Outpost

If you’re playing through the Forza ‘story’ then there’s a very good chance you’ll get this anyway, but just to clear things up. If you hit start, go to the ‘Campaign’ tab and go down to Horizon Adventure, you’ll see a map. Each ticket on the left is a different discipline, and each one unlocks a new Horizon outpost. There are 5 Horizon outposts (not including the default Mainstage one):

  • Horizon Apex
  • Horizon Wilds
  • Holizon Baja
  • Horizon Rush
  • Horizon Street Scene

Each outpost has an achievement, and are unlocked with the tickets you get when you earn enough Accolade Points to level up your fame level.

Ask Any Racer, Any Real Racer

  • Build the Horizon Street Scene Outpost

The opportunity to do this is available as 2nd outpost in the game. It is not available for the first outpost so this would be your first opportunity in the game. By unlocking this outpost, it also gives you the ability to purchase the house that allows you to fast travel. The house cost is 2 million credits.

Far from the Mudding Crowd

  • Build the Horizon Apex Outpost

There’s Always Money in the Baja Stand

  • Build the Horizon Baja Outpost

Adrenaline Rush

  • Build the Horizon Rush Outpost

Hall of Famer

  • Reach the Horizon Hall of Fame

Complete every Horizon Adventure ticket and complete every event that you unlock. You’ll have to win races along the way in loads of other different disciplines to get enough Accolade Points to level up and get a ticket. The total of Accolade Points needed for Hall of Fame is 200 000. After completing all objectives from horizon stages and making enough Accolade Points, you will get the invitation.

How to Race Friends and Influence People

  • Earn three stars in the “Tristan” Chapter of the “Born Fast” Horizon Story

You need to unlock the ‘Born Fast’ story of Horizon Adventure by gathering accolades. It’s the second of the Street Scene unlocks.

You also need to reach the Hall Of Fame to unlock the last chapter of the story, which is the Tristan chapter. To reach the Hall Of Fame you need to unlock all 21 of the Horizon Adventure festival stories, plus one more ‘accolade level’. You get accolades for pretty much anything in game.

After you’ve reached the Hall of Fame the Tristan chapter will be unlocked. You need to 3 star it with a time of 2.25 to get the achievement.

Cover to Cover

  • Earn three stars on all chapters in a single Horizon Story

Earn three stars on all chapters in a single Horizon Story

You can get this achievement anyway, if you are going to get “How to Race Friends and Influence People” achievement, because you have to 3-star all the chapters. But there is an option to 3-star any other story(the yellow icons), which are unlocked in the Horizon Adventure map. Just 3-star everything in that story to get this.

Tourist Attraction

  • Complete your first Horizon Tour Race Event

The Horizon Tour Race Event is basically Forza Horizon 5’s multiplayer mode(the big green icon). It is below the large volcano in the north-west (La Gran Caldera). Complete an event and this achievement is yours.

Show Me Your Moves!

  • Play any EventLab Event created by another player

Go to menu, choose the “Creative Hub” tab, and then go to EventLab. Finish an event, get an achievement. You can set short length and 1 lap in search filter.

Good Carma

  • Give another player some Kudos to show your appreciation

You are able to give Kudos by liking the design for the car for example.

Album Cover

  • Take a photo of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG ONE for Horizon Promo

1st option:

Go to the pause menu > Creative Hub > The Horizon Super7 > Challenge Cards > Search > Share Code > Then enter 290 932 975 (without spaces). And just shot your car.

2nd option:

Press start, scroll to Creative Hub, click EventLab, Event Blueprints, Search, and enter the following share code: 358 678 300 (without spaces).

There were 2 Mercedes-AMG ONE in grid. Just make a few photos of full grid to make sure Mercedes-AMG ONE is on shot. I was on BMW S2.

To be able to take Pictures for Horizon promo, you need to buy the house: Lugar Tranquilo. This house is on the East side of the map on the beach, above Playa Azul. If you have the “Welcome Pack” DLC you get the house for free, otherwise it will cost you 700,000 Credits.

You can make a picture of a random person/friend in the car, or you can get the car yourself from Wheelspins or the Autoshow (2,700,000 Credits) or from the festival playlist if it is available.

House Location:

Fit to Print

  • Take 50 photos of Legendary cars for Horizon Promo

First off, you need the house called Lugar Tranquilo, located on the east coast of the map in Playa Azul. If you have VIP and early access, then this house is free. If not, it will cost you 700K credits. Unlock Horizon Apex Outpost first

The easiest way to get this is: whenever you start a race, before you set off, use your camera, and take a photo of everyone on the grid. If you’re changing car classes (i.e. D class to S2 class) your opposition cars will change too, and if you’re changing cars, the same will happen there. As well as doing a whole host of events – off-road will have off-road vehicles, street racing will have supercars, and so on. Note the word different as well, so try not to race in the same car all the time, and also, keep an eye out for the photo symbol next to the Drivatar’s name, if there’s one, you’ve not photographed it before. Also you can shot all your from Barn Finds (14).

Also make sure to use fast shot mode (“P” on keyboard and “RB or R1” on gamepad) to save some time.

House Location:

A Forza Edition to My Collection

  • Earn a Forza Edition car from a Wheelspin or Super Wheelspin

Earned whenever you gain a rare Forza Edition car after spinning a Wheelspin or Super Wheelspin, which is kinda random.Wheelspins are earned from leveling up, redeeming Skill Points on cars, completing Accolades and Car Collection milestones, and more.

Manufacturer Affinity

  • Earn a Manufacturer Bonus

If you unlock the vast majority of cars for a manufacturer, you’ll get a Manufacturer Bonus in the ‘Car Collection screen (pause menu, Cars tab). Get that bonus, get this achievement. Should not be hard, as some manufacturers have 1 car to get the bonus, and those cars are like 25,000-50,000 credits. You can buy cars direct from the Car Collection screen, just hit the buy button when you hover over a car (if you can afford it, of course).

You Could Say I’m a Fan

  • Earn a Manufacturer Bonus for a collection of 25 or more cars

Here’s where things get a little trickier. There are (at time of posting) 5 manufacturers with 25 cars or more: BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche, but not all of those cars can be straight up purchased. In all of them you need a little Wheelspin luck. You should, for starters, ignore Ford, as they have an staggering 58 cars in the game, and in order to get the Manufacturer Bonus, you need to unlock most of the cars (not all). Also, sack Porsche off too – far too expensive across the board, same with Ferrari. That leaves you with Chevrolet and BMW.

So, basically what you need to do is play the game to death and see where you are when you reach the Hall of Fame. If you got lucky with Wheelspins for BMW over Chevrolet, then work on purchasing or waiting to Wheelspin the ones you’re missing, but regardless of what happens, you might have to just pray on getting lucky. If you are one or two short though, go to the Car Collection, make a note of it, and then go to search for it on the Auction House. If it’s not there, keep Wheelspinning and also looking out for it as a Season Event reward (or even buying it in the Forzathon Shop – the seasonal event shop where you can spend your daily/weekly/seasonal objective currency.

An Item Of Extreme Value

  • Discover and photograph the Golden Tlaloc Totem

If you do the Tulum Expedition (part of the Road Racing), actually photographing the Golden Tlaloc Totem is an optional objective, so just make sure you do the optional objective here and you’ll net this achievement. Just ride around the ruins and you’ll get an Accolade icon pop-up on the map, one of those will be the Totem.

But if u missed it during the expedition, don’t worry. You can come back to the mark and take a photo, as shown on screenshots:

No Stone Unturned

  • Complete your first Expedition

One of Forza Horizon 5’s newest additions is what it calls ‘Expeditions’, which are more exploration and story-based events. There are 5 in all, one for each of the outposts on the Adventure page:

  • Road Racing has the Tulum Expedition
  • Dirt Racing has the Jungle Expedition
  • Cross-Country Racing has the Baja Expedition
  • Street Scene has the Guanajuato Expedition
  • PR Stunts has the Canyon Expedition

Complete one of these and you’ll get the achievement.

Chicken Dinner

  • Win your first game of The Eliminator

The key to success here is getting the best cars as quickly as you can. That means hunting out the plumes of smokes and trying to upgrade your car (a number 2 is obviously better than a number 1). Heading towards buildings, more populated areas is likely to give you more of a chance to get a better drop. Once you have a better drop, and hopefully a better car than everyone else, then you need to go down on the hunt. If you see someone with a worse car than yours, then challenge them and hopefully eliminate them. The less competition, the better. And of course, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the circle moving in and staying inside of it at all times.


  • Fully complete a run of Super7

Just to the south-east of the Horizon mainstage, near the Sierra Nevada Dam and to the west of the Cordillera area, you’ll find a “Super7” icon. This is where you’ll want to head for this achievement. But it can also be accessed from the menu!

The Super7 is basically 7 community made challenge events that you need to pass, 1 after another (although your progress is saved so you don’t need to do them in one session). These events aren’t set, so if there’s one you’re struggling with, just reshuffle the card, basically. Just do all 7 events and this achievement is yours.

Seasoned Veteran

  • Complete a Festival Playlist activity in every season

If you hit menu you’ll see Festival Playlist on the main campaign tab. If you head inside there you’ll see a whole host of seasonal activities to get involved in. Basically, do 1 of those in each season and you’ll get this achievement. So, considering the playlist seasons only update every week, this one will take a while. Not in terms of duration and effort, but in terms of time. Just make sure you check it at least once a week to do your event.

Racing and Pacing and Plotting the Course

  • Win 80 different Race Events in Mexico

All you need to do is actually race. A few things to note: 1. it says win, so if you have to drop the difficulty to do so, then do that. 2. it says different, so you can’t keep doing the same events over and over. 3. The quickest races are the drag races, do them, although there aren’t that many of them.

If you want a really fast way of getting this then you can create a blueprint at a circuit race (it needs to be one where we can set laps) and in the event settings set the following settings:

  • Max number of drivatars to “off”
  • Duration to 1minute

The rest you can leave default. When you start the race you will instantly win it when it starts. Then just simply repeat the same blueprint over and over until you have the achivement.
Make sure you press continue at the end of the event, pressing restart and doing the race that way will not update the tracker.

Unbeatable Triumph

  • Win six different Race Events against Unbeatable Drivatars

Press start, scroll to Creative Hub, click EventLab, Event Blueprints, Search, and enter the following share codes.

Spaces are here for more readability, type the codes without spaces:

  • Event 1 – 329 577 639
  • Event 2 – 782 285 222
  • Event 3 – 349 406 995
  • Event 4 – 176 778 815
  • Event 5 – 125 525 706
  • Event 6 – 777 545 330

Just complete this 6 events 1 by 1. It takes 1 second to win 1 event. (Don’t forget to like <3 every race after finishing it)

Living Legend

  • Earn 300 stars from PR Stunts in Mexico

In Forza Horizon 5 there are 103 different PR events in 5 different disciplines. There are:

  • 31 speed traps
  • 22 speed zones
  • 20 danger signs
  • 20 drift zones
  • 10 trailblazer gates

So, that means there are a possible 309 stars to earn. So in order to get this achievement, you need to unlock 294 of them, which is basically most of them. In short, this is gonna take a lot of time and effort, namely because you need the right tools for the job. For most of the speed zones, traps, danger signs and trailblazer gates, grab yourself a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition 2011 and that can be maxed out to have 8.9 speed, 10 handling, 10 acceleration, 10 launch and 10 braking – that tends to do the job across the board. In fact, it can work for a lot of the drift zones too because of the sheer power and torque, but if you’re struggling, try a specific drift car, like the Ford 88 Mustang RTR (2018) or the Formula Drift 64 Nissan 370Z (2018).

There’s an issue with Sesto Elemento though: it’s a Wheelspin car, so if you are not lucky enough, just buy a Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, as that’s a beast too.

I Have the High Ground

  • Win 3 Rivals Events in 3 different PI Classes while driving the same car

PI Classes basically means the number assigned to the car (so, like a 999 is an X; an 998 is S2; an 850 is an S1; a 750 is an A, and so on), so once you actually understand that, this achievement is a little easier to understand.

So first things first, find yourself an A class car you really love. Then, head into the Rivals page on the pause menu (it’s under online). Then pick a track, beat your “rival’s” time, then head back to the garage, auto-upgrade the car to the next class, so, in this case, an S1, then rinse and repeat – it’s going to cost you about 50k a level, so make sure you have the money. Quick note, if the auto-upgrade doesn’t give you the option, head into “Find Tuning Setups” and see if it gives you any options – it should do. After you’ve done that, beat another rival’s time in a different event, go back to Horizon Mexico and make the car an S2, then beat another time. Once you do that, the achievement is yours.

But wait, before you go, first, a valuable tip. To get this and beat your rival, it’s all about clean laps. Clean laps beat non-clean laps (as indicated by an exclamation point). So, in fact, it’s not even about being fast in some cases, just race clean. Don’t cut corners or use the rewind function.

Keep trying different tuning setups and the 3 different classes on different courses and eventually it’ll unlock.

Unlimited Prowess!

  • Complete Round Three in all 5 Themes of Horizon Arcade

Horizon Arcade, that pink circle that pops up all over the Mexico map, has 5 different disciplines, such as Drift, Wreckage, Chaos, Speed and Air Event.

You can see what each event is going to start if you hover over the icon (it’ll say the event-type there). All you need to do for this achievement is not only play all 5 of them, you need to finish the third round in them too – so, 10-minutes to do 3 rounds. It’s relatively easy if you get a good group of people involved. Just don’t forget to track which events you’ve done.

Ride and Seek

  • Discover and drive every road in Mexico

Mexico has 578 roads. You must travel their entirety before they register as completed and you can unlock this achievement. It’s not actually the hardest of achievements, and if you’re doing the 80 different races achievement, you’ll have a lot of them already sorted by the time you get around to this, but if not, it’s time to hit the map, remove all the other icons and see which roads you still need to get. Basically, you need to turn all the roads either white or red. Main roads need to be white, and side roads need to be red. Keep an eye out for those tiny little roads that are easy to miss as well (as was the case in Horizon 4). In terms of a couple of the easy to miss ones, try here:

  • To the left of the D in Dunas Blancas (the desert to the west of Mexico)
  • To the south of the C in Cordillera (in the center of the map)

Min, Meet Max

  • Complete all Events in a Festival Playlist Series

The Festival Playlist, which can be found in the pause menu, has a load of events in it that you need to complete before the season ends. You can tell which ones are classified events if you scroll right, they’ll usually be races, PR events, and usually some online stuff too. Do all of them and you’ll get this achievement.

Better Than New

  • Restore 14 Barn Finds in Mexico

Find and restore all 14 Forza Horizon 5 Barn Finds, which can take a considerable amount of time.

Barn Finds Map:

Complete Collection

  • Find and smash all 250 Bonus Boards in Mexico

The boards don’t show up on the map unless you’re near them and even when you’ve covered every road, and done 80 events, you still won’t have them all on your map unless you’ve spent a lot of time exploring and going off the beaten path. To save some time you can buy the collectible map and have them all show up.

Bonus Boards map (so you can realize which places weren’t visited):

And there is a good video smashing 200 xp boards (i made a time link for one of the hardest boards):

Ford of the Wings

  • Earn 3 Stars at the Eagle’s Perch Danger Sign in a Ford Supervan 3

Eagle’s Perch Danger Sign can be found in the bottom right of Mexico’s large map, just to the left of the Ek’ Balam ruins, near the Bueno Esperanza house. All you need to do is jump at least 289.6 metres in the Ford Supervan 3, which costs 500,000 credits at the Autoshow at the main Horizon Mexico festival post. Obviously, to make this easier you can tune up the Supervan 3 with a better tuning setup.

Eagle’s Perch Danger Sign location:


  • Purchase all 7 Player Houses

There are 7 Player houses to buy in Forza Horizon 5, and together they are still cheaper than buying a Castle in Forza Horizon 4! You need 7,850,000 Credits (if you have VIP and Welcome Pack) OR 10,050,000 Credits (without VIP & WP)

1st House – Casa Bella – Free – This house is the first house you will come across when you start FH5, and is free.

2nd House – La Casa Solariega – 1.5 Million Credits (or Free with VIP) – This house is free if you have the VIP membership for FH5. You can locate this house near the ancient ruins of Teotihuacán. This house will appear on the map after being gifted Casa Bella.

3rd House – Lugar Transquilo – 700K Credits (or Free with Welcome Pack) – Another house which is free if you have the Welcome Pack for FH5. This house is located on the East Coast by the town called Playa Azul. This house will appear on the map after being gifted Casa Bella.

4th House – Buena Esperanza – 700K Credits – This house unlocks on map once you have completed Horizon Apex Expedition.

5th House – La Cabaña – 150K Credits – This house unlocks on map once you have completed Horizon Baja Expedition.

6th House – Buenas Vistas – 2 Million Credits – This house unlocks on map once you have completed Horizon Wilds Expedition. Perk of this house allows you to Fast Travel to any road on map. The more Fast Travel Boards you destroy, the cheaper your next Fast travel will be (minus 200 credits every time you hit a board). Once you’ve hit all 50, like in FH4, Fast Travel will be free.

7th House – Hotel Castillo – 5 Million Credits – This house unlocks on map once you have completed Horizon Street Scene Expedition. One massive perk of purchasing this house compared to the others, is you get a daily wheelspin every time you log into FH5.

All houses location:

Long Gone

  • Win the Goliath Race Event

The Goliath Race Event is the fourth ticket event in the Horizon Adventure map under the Mainstage tab. Win the event and this achievement is yours. Be aware this is one of the longest races in the game, so don’t be afraid to use the rewind function if you lose concentration, as the last thing you want to do is lose it on the last straight.

For this achievement, you have to complete the main, default Goliath and not an EventLab event as these won’t count towards the unlock. It took 14 minutes 46 seconds on Porsche Taycan Turbo S. So on X 999 class of Bugatti it should be faster. Make sure you set the difficulty lower than usual. To forget about loosing and replaing the event.

Gotta Smash ‘Em All

  • Complete 5 Seasonal Smashable Challenges

Smashable challenges are shown in the “Challenges” category on the right side of the Festival Playlist menu.

In Series 1, there is one Smashable Challenge in Summer Season. The title is “Collectibles” where you have to smash 100 Cactus (good to do this while going for the smashing 500 Cactus achievement).

Daily challenges, probably, do not count (there was a Series 0 Smashable Daily challenge that didn’t count on achievement tracker)…

Depending on if Daily Challenges count or not, it may take several weeks or months for this achievement to be possible to unlock T-T

Cactus Makes Perfect

  • Smash 500 cacti during Mexico’s Wet Season

Go to the pause menu > Creative Hub > The Horizon Super7 > Challenge Cards > Search > Share Code > Then enter “531 845 273” (type without spaces, they are here just to improve readability) and then the challenge card will pop up and all you have to do is run into the cacti. (Don’t forget to like the blueprint <3 after finishing it)

Tracking might be a little buggy so just smash them until the achievement pops. I had to restart it once after the cactus line was empty. And don’t repeat my mistake… You can smash them with the left or right side of your car, no need to hit them with the front part only xD

A Royal Affair

  • At sunrise, take a photo of your car with some monarch butterflies at Hotel Mirador Balderrama

When you unlock the Cross Country races start the Las Ranas Cross Country race. Hit camera button to go into photo mode. Just take a photo of what’s going back of your car as i did on screenshot:

Dust in the Lens

  • Take a photo featuring the Gran Telescopio and a dust storm

There is a blueprint to simplify this. Press start, scroll to Creative Hub, click EventLab, Event Blueprints, Search, and enter the share code 514 524 330. (Don’t forget to like the blueprint <3 after finishing it)

Hook a left at the start, follow the path, and take a photo with the satellite dish in the shot and the achievement will unlock.

Stunning Photography

  • Take a photo during a tropical storm

You’ll get this one naturally doing the Tulum Expedition, but only if you’re doing the optional objectives and trying to get the ‘An Item of Extreme Value’ achievement at the same time.

A Heart of Gold

  • Send another player a Gift Drop

As soon as you find a Barn Find, you have the option of gifting a car to another player. Be aware that doing this will remove the car from your garage, so only send a car that you don’t use, and also, don’t give away a rare one you can’t buy either, because if you need it or want it later on you’ll have to get it through a Wheelspin.

Water Performance

  • Earn three stars at the Puerta Pétrea and La Marisma Trailblazers within 2 minutes

Here, probably, we have confusing description. The truth is you can ignore the whole “2 minute” aspect, and instead, what you should do is head to the “Water Performance” challenge in the Accolades menu and pin the corresponding task. What becomes quickly apparent is that the achievement and the challenge have two different descriptions. What you actually need to do to unlock this achievement is to 3-star both the Puerta Petrea and La Marisma Trailblazer events within 3-minutes and 30-seconds.

So, what does that mean and how do you do it? Well, first things first, get your car, upgrade it to a X999, (the best pick Lambo Sesto Elemento Forza Edition 2011) and the first thing you’re going to do is complete the La Marisma Trailblazer and get 3-stars (it’s in the bottom right of the map, just left of where it says Pantano De La Selva). In the Lambo, it’s fairly easy, just try to avoid the water as it kills your speed. And you can use rewind to your heart’s content to get through the jungle. Only when you get that 3-star time does the timer on the left (the 3m30s) actually start. That means you have 3m30s to get to the next Trailblazer and 3-star it. Few things to note: DO NOT fast travel, it resets the progress, you have to drive there, so set a pin and race up the coast (the Puerta Petrea is in the top right, just to the left of the Hotel Mirador Balderrama and The Eliminator logo). Another point of note: you can use rewind, sure, but the timer carries on while you’re rewinding time, so be wary of that.

As for the Puerta Petrea Trailblazer itself, it’s not too bad actually. Basically: fly off the cliff, follow the road up to where the road to The Elminator is, and follow that road around the corner to the right, until you can see the green smoke, only then do you need to go off-road. Good luck!

Trailblazers location (red circle is La Marisma, green circle is Puerta Pétrea):

You’re the Champion

  • Win any Event in Horizon Open

If you click start and go to the Online tab, the big button in the middle takes you to the Horizon Open page, which consists of 4 events:

  • Open Racing
  • Open Drifting
  • Playground Games
  • The Eliminator

Win an event to get this achievement. It’s recommend to play Playground Games, which should throw you into a team event, where you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Just keep trying.

Treasure Hunter

  • Find all Treasure Chests in a Festival Playlist Series

Another season based one here, so keep an eye out for the Treasure Chest seasonal challenges in playlist, when they pop-up. Complete the challenges, find the treasures and this achievement is yours.

Treasure Hunts are located in the “Challenges” on the right side of the Festival Playlist menu and are titled “Treasure Hunt”.

In Series 1 there are two Treasure Hunts: the first is in Summer and the second is in Spring
Retrieve both Treasure Chests and you unlock the achievement.

In future Series there may be more / less Treasure hunts per series.

Tracker is probbably not working here, because of different treasures amount per series.

Icon on a map (appears after completing the challenge from playlist):

Front Runner

  • Finish 5 Horizon Tour Race Events ahead of all Drivatars

These races are going to be against AI and you don’t need to rely on your team to get this achievement. The AI aren’t hard, you can beat them with some practice of course.

Since there are only 3 races in a tour you will need to do another tour, it usually pops after 3 races on your first tour, then on your second tour it unlocks at the end of the second races (5 races in total).

The achievement tracker seems not to work well for many people, so if you don’t see it goes up just keep trying.

You don’t need to come first in the whole event, you just need to beat all the AI (the red team), so if you have a really good teammates who are always first, then don’t worry, just focus on being first vs the AI.

It’s possible to beat them with stock cars, but, if you are struggling, then you can, quickly, before the event starts, upgrade your car to the maximum, the event allows, that should give you a fairly decent advantage against them. Good luck ^^

New Tune

  • Find a place to install the Horizon Pulse Radio Beacon

While on the Tulum Expedition (part of the Road Racing), as well as photographing the Golden Tlaloc Totem for an achievement, you can also get this Radio Beacon achievement too. Again, this is an optional objective, so just make sure you do the optional objective here and you’ll grab this achievement too. Just ride around the ruins and you’ll get an Accolade icon pop-up on the map, one of those will be where you can place the Radio Beacon.


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