Forza Horizon 5 – How to Earn Super Wheelspins and Skill Points (Easy Method)

In this guide i’ll show you one of the easiest ways to earn Super wheelspins fast. This will also show you the fastest way to earn the skill points. And how to upgrade your skill tree to get the Super wheelspins.

Guide to Earn Super Wheelspins and Skill Points

Easy Way to Get Skill Points

In this section i’ll show you how to get skill points.

This isn’t necessary but for the most points and efficiency the best cars to use for this are the Huayra BC Forza edition 2016 (Pagani) And Sesto elemento forza edition 2011 (Lambo).

After this you need this map.

Share Code = 139-710-733 After you enter this you should see this After you load into the race the settings for the best results.

For shifting you don’t need manual u can have it automatic and you can have anything for driving line but i have mine off. and the rest you’ll need just for the race after the race you can change it back to what you would use normally.

The Race

At the start of the race Aline your self ever so slightly with not a lot of gas and after you are aligned you can go max speed and earn skill points which will earn you in 30 seconds 8-10 skill points

Which Car to Get

Purchasing the car

Go to the auto show and find the Firebird Trans AM GTA 1987 by Pressing the button for jump to Manufacturer and finding Pontiac or just scrolling until you find the Fire-bird 1987. After you find this car you can buy it for only 25,000CR which is very cheap.

Purchase as many as you want but for this example it’ll be one,then find the car mastery and after you click it,it’ll show you a skill tree which you’ll need skill points for and ill show you an easy way to get them. In order to get the super wheel spin you’ll need 14 Points.

And then you can open your Super wheel spin and you can repeat this method for as long as you want and also numbered how much for each skill points up till the Super Wheelspin (Until its patched).


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