Forza Horizon 5 – How to Earn XP and Credits (Easy Method)

Hello gamers this guide will help you earn xp and credits while doing essentially nothing.

Guide to Earn XP and Credits

Get Rich Quick Scheme

First you’re going to need The Goliath Finale unlocked.

Next, you will need to select any car of your choice, I highly recommend the BMW X5M FE because of its default 20% extra xp boost for race events. Buy any masteries that will give you any extra xp for events or races.

Now, go to your difficulty settings and set Braking to Assisted, Steering to Auto-Steering, Stability and Traction control to On.

Fast travel to the goliath event and from event lab, create a blueprint. Set the car type to Anything Goes, with an Open Car Class. From here, go to Event Settings and set Difficulty to Unbeatable, Drivatars to 0. You can set number of laps anywhere from 1 to 50. Once you are done, publish the blueprint and play it from Your Local Events.

Lastly you’ll want to plug in your controller so it doesn’t turn off or die. Go into your steam controller configuration, go to your right trigger, select full pull, push select to show activators, and set toggle to On. Alternatively you can wrap a rubber band over your RT to keep it down.

Now start the race press RT once and the game will handle the rest!

4 laps got me 250,000 xp.

Written by NeonSKennedy

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