Forza Horizon 5 – How to Know which Cars to Upgrade?

How to Know which Cars to Upgrade? How Much to Upgrade?

  • Example is me prepping today Mustang 68 (D class) for B class championship.

Always start with tires. Because it’s a B class, Sport tires are enough. Race are better, but they’re overkill for this level of power.

Because Mustang is rear wheels driving car with strong engine, I made rear tires as thick as possible, so they grip well on acceleration and in corners.

Weight reduction is another thing you never can go wrong with, unless you have more important things. It’s pure gain to acceleration and controllability of a car.

Engine, obviously. Mustang starts with good engine, but more power (you can control) is always better, see what you can afford in term of points.

More power means you need more gears in transmission, otherwise you’ll run out of gears and hit your speed limit too soon. You can have less gears and stretch them, but 7 feels perfect for racing.

If you don’t know how to adjust differential, just get one already adjusted from upgrades. They cost to PI.

If you still have few points to spare, you may consider getting wider front wheels (they’ll make turn radius better), or better brakes (you can brake later), or maybe just lighter flywheel, powershaft, or rims.

Once you’re done upgrading, always go to tunning menu to see if you can adjust gears for better acceleration. If it’s too much headache at least adjust final drive, it’s a single slider.
If you bought race brakes, you can adjust power and balance of brakes. 50/50 gives best overall braking, adjusting for vehicle balance will make it perfectly stable when braking. Setting brakes to brake rear wheels harder will make rear wheels lock faster, which can be used to turn it during braking, to enter corner better.

Differentials are essential in AWD cars, by adjusting how much power goes to front and how much to rear. Perfectly balanced car will (almost) never oversteer or spin out, but it will be sluggish when turning. Moving more power to rear will make front wheels grip easier, and will let you powerslide to rapidly turn car around corner, but more you send there, harder it will be to keep car under control.

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