Forza Horizon 5 – How to Receive Cars and Money Only (Wheelspins)

It is a simple thing that demands the expenditure of CR’s but it pays off!

Guide to Receive Cars and Money

The Secret

I believe this is not an unknown tip to experienced players but in my searches I could not find any topics related to this.

Enough of this

The tip is that you should buy as many cosmetics for your character as possible in the character customization screen in the game (if you don’t want to buy them all or don’t have money, try to buy the cheapest ones).

I already had many items and spent over 3 000000 CR to buy all the items but in only 5 Super Wheel Spin I got what I spent.

Literally will only have cars or money on the wheels spins (the game does not repeat cosmetic items on the wheels spins).

If you already have the car the game itself offers you an option to receive the money from the car instead of the car.

Good game everyone!

Written by SnakeD²

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