Foxhole – Logistics Tactics Guide

Brief guide on my personally used Logistics tactics, in an order that may or may not make sense. Open to critique.

Basic Logistics for Teamplay: An Interpretive Guide

Brief Introduction

This guide is not meant to be a “definitive” guide, or any sort of official guide to Logistics within Foxhole, but rather how I’ve come to be successful in Logistics both as a Solo Logistics player, and within a Squad.

It is meant to educate those new and old, who might find value in it. If no value is derived from it, then it simply might not match your style and does not constitute a failure of the guide itself.

Note: This guide will not mention boats and boating, as I’ve never touched on this subject within the game proper. It will only cover land-based, basic logistics.

Starting Out – A Solo Player


So you want to start Logistics but have no clue where to start. Well, the good news is starting out is actually very simple to do. Here’s a guide of how I do it:

Before booting up the game, I check FoxholeStats to get a basic idea of where the most combat is. Areas heavy with fighting are going to the ones most desperate for resources. As Logistics, you are in fact the most praised, and abused, member of the team. The entire war effort rests on your shoulders, and your ability to bring what is needed to where it’s needed, in the shortest amount of time possible. Efficiency is key to Logistics.

Once I have an idea of where I’ll be operating, I go into the game and check the in-game map before deploying.


When choosing an area to deploy at, I always make sure to see if there are three things readily available, and within a decent range:

  1. Seaport and/or Garage
  2. Refinery
  3. Factory

These are the basics of what you’ll be using during your time as Logi. So having these three things close by is a massive step up in efficiency. Logistics is all about efficiency. Getting the most out there, as quickly as possible.

Once I’ve selected a zone that looks good, I look for resource nodes. This is important as what you need to bring to the front line depends on different resource nodes.

Basic materials like B-Mats, Shirts, Medical Supplies, certain weapons and ammunition pretty much rely on salvage. But when you get into the more advanced stuff, sometimes other components are needed. So be sure to note where each resource is, and try to map out in your head the most efficient route to get from:

  • Resource Node -> Refinery -> Factory -> Where you are delivering.

Note: If you are unsure where you’d be needed most, ask in chat. Logi Chat is very helpful, and is more informed then one person could ever be on their own. They’ll tell you what is needed and where, before you even deploy. It never hurts asking for opinions.


Once you are deployed, there are a few items you’ll need right off the start, luckily you spawn with two:

  1. Hammer
  2. Pistol

Others you’ll need to acquire:

  1. Mechanic Outfit (The one with a Wrench)
  2. Sledgehammer
  3. Radio

Most Logi starting zones will have these items readily available, though not all. If you happen to deploy to an area missing these, take a look around at near by Bunker Bases and Towns. I’m sure one will have what you need.

On top of these, I also like to gather 1 Gas Mask, 1 Filter. This is mostly just a defensive measure but it isn’t needed. You can never be too safe as Logistics in my opinion, so anything that helps defend you better isn’t a waste.

Note: It helps to keep your phone, or alternative means of accessing the web nearby. Whenever I Logi, I keep my phone handy in case I need to look up what materials are required for certain items. It’s a lot easier to just Google it then constantly needing to check back with the Factory, thus saving you valuable time in the process.

Your First Vehicle

This is a point of contention in many Logi yards across Foxhole. How to acquire your first Vehicle.

Ideally, as a solo player, you want to go for the basic hauler. For Colonials this is the R-1 Hauler, though if you’re feeling brave you can upgrade to the R-5b if available. For Wardens, you pretty much just have the Dunne Transport. There is also the Dunne 2a, which has more armor, but… The speed decrease for minimal armor upgrade was always more a burden to me, personally? But for you, it might be different. So I recommend experimenting with these vehicles, until you find one that works for you. In any event, ALL base logi vehicles will be known collectively as “Truck” for the rest of this guide.

Once you are equipped with your gear, the easiest way is to find a Sea Port first. Most Seaports in the backlines will already have plenty of Trucks available to use. If there is not the truck you need, find that Garage. The cost to build a truck is B-Mats and the amount varies depending on the Faction, and the Truck. So check at the Garage to see how much you will need.

Once an amount has been determined, head over to the refinery. If there are 1K+ B-Mats available, take what you need. Many people might complain about this, but the amount needed to secure a truck is not only trivial, but easily replaced in your first run. Don’t worry about the haters.

Once you’ve secured a truck via the Sea Port, or Garage. Lock it, and find your nearest fuel truck. Refuel your truck, and you’re ready to go!

Basics – Gathering, Refining and Manufacture – Solo Player

I’ve Got My Truck, Now What?

Well, it’s easy from here. Find a place to park it, ideally out of the way and off on the side of the road. From here, open your map. Remember the lines you picked to deliver to? Check them on the map.

Chances are you’ll see player made icons on the map I like to call “pips”. There’s plenty that mark different things but the two you’ll most be concerned with are any marked “Logi List”, or “Partisans”.

Logi Lists are just that, it’s like a shopping list. They are lists of what is needed at that base, made by people who are fighting in that area. So if you see logi list, hover over it. If you see “Shirts, B-Mats, Mammons, ect.” Then they need Shirts, B-Mats, Mammons and whatever else they posted.

Two things to check here: The time it was posted, and chat.

Make notice of the time it was posted, if a request for shirts was posted 0 – 5 minutes ago? Chances are they still need those. But if it was posted 30 minutes ago, they might have gotten the delivery and other things are needed, the list might not have been updated.

Check the chat if you’re unsure. Again, the Logi channel is god. Make mention in chat of where you are delivering to, and ask if it’s still required. Example:

Blackwatch in Godcrofts posted: Logi list -> Shirts, but it was made 15 minutes ago.

Head to chat, ask in Logi Chanel: Blackwatch: Do you still need those shirts? Anything else you need?

Chances are you’ll be answered by someone in Blackwatch, or Logi who are responding to Blackwatch.

Once you have your list gathered, it’s time to pick routes. First, find the fastest route from the factory you selected to operate from, to those front lines. In this case, we’ll use Blackwatch as a continued example.

A few things to look out for:

  1. Does your Route have friendly towers along the way?
  2. Are there any pips pointing out Partisans?

Partisans are the quickest way to end your run, and not in a good way! These are enemy players who sneak behind enemy lines with the intention to disrupt the Logistics chain. They will ambush your vehicle, and most likely kill you and take your supplies. So be vigilant!

Watchtowers are important. They have a radius which detects enemy players, this radius is viewable when you have your Radio equipped. This radius gets updated every 5 seconds.

If your route does not have adequate watchtowers, or if there’s mention of partisan activity? Chances are, you’ll want to change the route. Try to find a balance of Safety and Speed.

Once you’ve found your route, it’s time for the next step:

Material Gathering

This is the most exciting part of Logistics!

Just kidding, it’s awful. But it is needed. Check online, or at a Factory, to find out what materials you’ll be needing for whatever you need. Shirts need B-Mats. B-Mats are made from Salvage. So that’s easy enough, you just need to gather all the salvage you can muster and refine it into B-Mats at the Refinery to turn into Shirts at the Factory. But what if you need Components? Luckily, refinery queues can handle multiple materials, and will continue the refining process even if you’re offline!

Take note of your Resource nodes and head out to the ones you need most. From here, it’s easy as pie. All the hard parts are sorted out: You’ve got your gear, your truck and objective.

Now you’ve just got to go and mine resources. These are easy, at nodes it’s always best to check if there is a base constructed at the node. This base will likely have already mined materials for you to grab, even if the node itself is empty. So check there first. If not? You can mine what you need. There are two ideal ways to do this:

First, there are vehicles made strictly for mining. If you see these? Hop in one if it’s not being used, and mine away. One full load should be enough to fill your truck. If you need more? Continue mining and filling your truck.

If there’s still some left over when you’re done, do other Logi a courtesy and add the rest to either nearby Storage Containers, or back into the Base I just mentioned. This simple action can go a long way to helping the rest of the team out.

You might need to resort to manual labor to get the materials you need, in this case? The sledgehammer is golden. Some resources require the use of sledgehammer to mine, and you won’t be able to mine them with your basic hammer. Resources that do allow you to mine them with your hammer, are more efficiently mined using a sledgehammer. So if you need to do some manual labor, always use your sledgehammer.

Note: Sometimes when gathering resources you’ll come across Iron, Aluminium or Copper. The best thing to do is gather this, and submit these resources as-is to the Refinery Stockpile. These resources are used in the tech-process and upgrading the tech-tier. Trust me, there are groups of people who are using and need this stuff that know exactly what to do with it. Handing it off to the public stock-pile as is, is the safest move to make with these items and it is a MASSIVE help to your team to do so.

Truck is Full! Now what?

Bring that material to the refinery, of course! If you paid attention to the note in the last segment, any special materials simply right click them -> Submit to Stockpile.

With that out of the way, you’ll see three windows. In the middle window is your refinery window. You’ll see various inputs and outputs. The outputs are what you’ll focus on, find the output materials you’ll need for the factory, then right click the needed inputs and “submit” your materials to refine them.

Note I: There is a public way to submit these. By default, the refining process is Private. So all those resources and materials you’ve submitted will not be accessible to others. If you choose to refine Publicly, pretty much any mention of Public will be available to all. Upon refining, those materials become transitioned into the Stockpile for any to use.

Note I-A: Some Logi simply focus on filling the Public Stockpile, this is the easiest and lowest risk contribution to the team, but is also incredibly monotonous as you’re just gathering resources, and refining them into materials for the public stockpile. This can be very well needed depending on what the stockpile reserves are at, if they’re low enough this would be a massive contribution to the team. So don’t knock just doing this, known as “Scrapping”.

Note II: If you took materials to make your truck? It’s simply courteous to return those materials you had taken to the public stockpile at this point.

Okay, I’ve began refining my Resources into Materials… But I don’t have Materials to make into things yet.

Your first resource run will be like this. You could just wait around until enough of your Resources are refined to make what you need… But you’d be taking up space, and really, this is inefficient. Remember: Logistics is all about efficiency.

What I do during “down time” is turn that into “up time” by gathering more resources. Make a few trips back and fourth, gather resources, submit them to the refinery.

Once you’ve refined enough materials, now comes the manufacture.


As a rule of thumb, I don’t focus on things that can easily be mass-produced like outfits. I simply focus on the things that would be needed right then and there: Shirts, certain Weapons, Ammo, Medical Equipment. Pretty much the things that can be made quickly, and are said to be needed where I’ve picked.

Gather the materials you will need from the Refinery, and head on over to the Factory. Here you can submit your Materials to turn into what you’ll need.

This will take time. How much time depends on the item you’re manufacturing, and how much of it. This will lead to more down time. You can easily make another resource run, and by the time you get back? Your items should be waiting, ready to be shipped out in crates.

Basics – Delivery – Solo Player

Time to Deliver!

The reason you exist as a Logistics player: All this work, finally paying off. It’s time to bring your delievery.

Take those items you’ve made, and any B-Mats that were left over. Put that juicy cargo into your truck and… Check your map.

Chances are in this time the battlefield has changed. Check and re-check that route you had planned out. Are there partisans? Have any towers gone down? Have any towers been put up that make alternate routes safer?

Make sure you’re selecting the safest and fastest route to your destination. Make sure that sidearm you have is loaded, your truck is fueled up. It would behoove you at this point to grab a tank of Diesel to carry on your third slot.

Players are pretty good at making sure there are refueling stations along the way. But sometimes the trucks are stolen and not replaced, some routes won’t have them. So it’s always good to grab a can of Diesel just in case you need to refuel along the way, and you can’t find a station or maybe you skipped a station thinking you’d be fine, and you’re not fine.

Proceed along your selected route, checking up on that map from time to time to make sure you don’t need to alter the route due to partisan activity. Even if no one has marked partisans, you can generally tell by looking out for enemy markers, but also not-so-obvious changes: Enemy towers appearing where previously there were none, or your own towers suddenly going offline. These are signs to look out for.

Delivery Has Arrived

If all goes well? You’ve arrived at location. Head to the nearest Town Base, Bunker Base, or where ever the stuff is needed. Don’t be surprised if those items are requested to be dropped someplace specific. This is pretty common. Go to where ever they’re needed, and ram that truck right into it. That’s right, just run into the building. Don’t worry, your truck and the building will be fine. I just hope no friendlies were in the way. Once you’ve “parked” the vehicle, while still inside the vehicle, enter the menu for the base. Here you will see the normal menu, but also your truck inventory as long as you’re still inside your truck when you accessed this menu. From here, simply right click anything in your inventory, and select “Submit All To Stockpile”.

Instantly your haul will be transferred into the base stockpile, and watch as those juicy commends pile on. If they don’t? Eh, we’ll get them next time, and the items probably weren’t needed anymore just, nobody told you. Don’t stress it. Instead, search the base for any unrefined Resources you need, and don’t be afraid to ask if they need anything your next run. Now you can talk directly with people over voice. You’ll probably get a few responses from people that look busy enough.

With that information, and maybe some resources, head back to base. And do it all over again… And again… And again.

By following this basic guide, you’ll quickly get the hang of Solo Logistics, and you’ll become a Logistics God!

Starting Out – Squad Logi


Alright. So you’ve got the Solo logi basics down, what about as a Squad? This guide is just what me and my squad do. Like the above guide, it isn’t “official” or “the meta” or anything, just what we do.

That being said, this is ideally made for 3 or more members in a squad. I will include duos side by side with this guide, clearly written so you can tell which is which.

The Start

Alright. You’ve got your Squad of 3. How are you setting up?

First things first: Assigning jobs. Each member of your team will hold a job, and it’s all important:

  1. Scrapper
  2. Manufacture
  3. Delivery

If you noticed, the three players take the individual steps of the above guide. Instead of one player doing all the steps, each player does one step. But there’s a very clear way we use that makes this easier, though set up time is a bit high. Again, this guide isn’t for everyone, this is just how my squad finds success.

The Scrapper: Your job is to mine resources, and drop them into the refiner. Whatever the team needs. For Duos, you take both the Scrapper and Manufacturer roles.

The Manufacturer: Your job is to grab the refined materials, and bring them to the factory to manufacture the items needed. For Duos, you take both the Scrapper and Manufacturer roles.

The Deliverer: You are the “boots on the ground” of the whole operation, as such you should be the leader of the operation, and should be the most skilled Logi among your team. You will be responsible for finding out what’s needed, and relaying that back to your squad to make.

If all goes smoothly, you’ll have a shipment ready to roll by the time you get back from your first delivery.

What you’ll need

The things you’ll need are related to the job, you already know the basics from earlier. So use discretion on what you need based on your role in the squadron.

I do recommend for the deliverer to carry a hammer, in case you need to make repairs. But being that you won’t need a sledge, or mine resources, you can actually weapon up a little now. Give yourself more a fighting edge in case of partisan attack.

Your team WILL need 3 trucks for this to work though. I did say it would take a while to setup, didn’t I?

Planning Phase

On top of the standard, pick a front line, pick a back line planning from earlier, you’re going to want to plan out the “swap point”.

Essentially, this is a point where the manufacturer and deliverer will swap trucks out. It’ll make sense later on, but it’s best if this is out of the way, somewhat hidden. Even though you can lock vehicles, it doesn’t take much for someone to come in and steal them. So you want it someplace only y’all can really guess at.

With that, you’re ready for the mining, refining, manufacture and delivery plan.

Mining, Refining, Manufacture and Delivery – Squad

The Scrapper

You’re the miner and the refiner. In duos you’re also the manufacture.

Your job is to grab orders from the manufacturer, who will tell you what resources you must acquire to fill the next shipment, and go and collect those resources. Once your truck is filled, meet up with the manufacturer at the “swap point” mentioned earlier, swap your full truck with their empty truck, and repeat the process. It’s that easy, and because it is such, it’s best reserved for new to logi players, or the lowest logi skill within your squad.

If the manufacturer is not at the swap point when you arrive with a full truck, wait there until they arrive. It shouldn’t be long.

Note: In duos, you will be taking on the Manufacturer role as well, so having a bit more skill then newbie is recommended, as you’ll either need to know what resources you’ll need for certain items already, or at least have that information readily available. Again, having your phone nearby might help with this. Ain’t the internet great? All the information you could ever hope for at the tip of your fingers.


You’re going to be relaying information and taking orders. So you, hopefully, will be a bit more experienced. You’re going to need to have the information already known, or have it readily available. When the deliverer gives you an item order, you’ll need to know what resources, and how many, will be needed to fill that order.

You will be spending time waiting at the “swap point” in one of several trucks. For simplicity sake, we’ll start with an empty truck. You’ll wait there for the scrapper to arrive with a truck full of resources. You’ll swap trucks with them, and give them their orders.

Once done, you’ll take your truck full of resources to the refinery, drop those resources into the refinery to be refined into materials, and head back to the swap point.

You’ll repeat this exact process until you can manufacture your order, when you’ll load up on materials and head over to the factory to begin the manufacture process.

It would behoove you at this time to go to the swap point to swap trucks with the scrapper and give them orders once more. This will keep the factory ways clear for other players, and also make good use of downtime. If you do this, empty the resources into the refinery and check with the now empty truck at the factory.

Take your truck of manufactured items to the swap point, and wait for the deliverer. When they arrive, you swap it out and receive new orders from the deliverer. The deliverer goes on their merry way, and you wait for the scrapper, thus repeating the process.

Just remember: Even though the deliverer is technically the squad lead? This whole operation rests on your shoulders. You’re technically coordinating the whole thing.


Your job, like the scrapper, is simple. But can be the longest, depending on where you’re operating from, and where you’re headed to.

Your job is to coordinate with the troops on the ground at your target location, find out what they need, and relay that information to your manufacturer. You will start out in your empty truck, waiting at the Swap Point until the first shipment arrives and is ready to go.

You can fill this downtime several ways, but I use this time to stay in communication with my target zone, and also to anyone along the way that might need some assistance. Who says you only need to provide to one drop zone, eh? Why not hit up several along the way.

Once the manufacturer arrives with the first delivery, give them new orders. Swap trucks, send them off to it, and you go drop your drops.

When you come back, if the manufacturer is not ready at the swap point, wait for them to arrive, and repeat.

It’s a simple job, really. And should be nice and smooth assuming you’re keeping up to date planning your routes and avoiding partisan activity.

Plan of Action Reiterated – Squad

Going over the details, again, simplified

Scrapper: Least experienced squad mate. Gets orders from Manufacturer, fills orders. Takes full truck to Swap Point, swaps truck with Manufacturer, gets new orders. Repeat.

Manufacturer: Moderately to Expert experience. Gets orders from Deliverer, relays orders to Scrapper. Waits at Swap Point for Scrapper, swaps trucks. Brings Resource Truck to Refinery, Refines Materials. Brings Materials to Factory, makes Items. Brings Items to Swap Point, waits for Deliverer. Swaps trucks with Deliverer, gets new orders. Repeat process.

Deliverer: Expert experience. Gets orders from the front line, relays that to the Manufacturer. Waits at the Swap Point with empty truck until Manufacturer arrives with Delivery Truck. Swap trucks, take Delivery to the Drop Zone. Return, repeat process.

A few last notes

When all starting out for the first start, the Manufacturer and Deliverer should wait at the swap point. The only one working at very first should be the Scrapper until they give the first pass off to the Manufacturer, and the Deliverer waits for the first pass off from the Manufacturer. This way nothing gets out of hand.

If you’ve a full truck, but your pass off partner isn’t there, wait for them to show up. Don’t go and make your own decisions, it’s easier to just wait for them to show, and proceed with the swap.

It’s always best to wait inside your truck, so nobody can come along and steal it from your squad. It really, REALLY sets you back if you’re 2 hours in and a truck full of materials goes missing. Trust me.

Take only what you’ll really need with you for your task, lighter weight means faster times. It might only be “nths of a second” but still, it adds up over time.

Deliverer can afford the weapon weight here, so it’s advised to grab a better weapon. Something you’re good at, but also is versatile. I personally love to bring an SMG or Assault Rifle if possible, but really it’s your preference.

This guide was intended for 3 squad mates, but it can ideally handle up to 6: Just add in each new player from Deliverer, Scrapper, Manufacturer. I.E.

  • 2D, 1M, 1S
  • 2D, 1M, 2S
  • 2D, 2M, 2S

And with that, this be the guide of Squad Logi. Hope it helps!

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