Foxhole – Medic Guide

A short in depth guide on how to effectively be a medic.

Definitive Guide to Medic


  • Medic Uniform
  • First Aid Kit Bandages
  • Trauma Kit Blood plasma
  • Gas Mask with an equip’d filter
  • Pistol with three spare mags

Make an appropriate judgement call for how many bandages / plasma you should carry. If you tend to die often and manage to only bandage up 2 guys take 5 bandages. If it takes a long time for you to die and the front is hell take 15 bandages etc.


Your safety is very important. How can you help people when you’re dead? You can’t.

Make sure as a Medic you aren’t exposed to artillery, grenades, bullet hails and so on unnecessarily. A good way to prevent exposure is by taking cover in trenches or staying out of the firing zone.

Risk Analysis

As a Medic sometimes you have to decide if you’re going to risk your safety to save another’s life.

High Risk Low Reward example

Is a rifleman downed by a hail of machine gun fire worth the risk to save? No! By being alive you can save others.

Low Risk Low Reward example

Is a rifleman downed by wall that got downed due to bleeding worth the risk to save? Yes!

Moderate Risk Moderate Reward example

Is a RPGman downed in a trench due to a grenade worth saving? Case on case basis. The moment you step inside that trench you might get blown up too.

Moderate Risk High Reward example

A Duo Bonesawman crew got downed due to bleeding out. They’re inside a trench but an enemy rifleman is looking at you. Is it worth the risk? Yes! Bonesaws are very expensive and with a little shadowdancing you might get lucky!

The point of risk analysis is to determine if it’s worth risking your life to save another’s. Don’t be a hero be alive and useful to your team. Attempting to save that rifleman pvt under machine gun fire isn’t a good idea.

Reviving Patients

Equip your truama kit and hold down left mouse button until the player is revived.

Sometimes it’s a better idea to move the patient slightly back or behind cover. In this instance I did not due to the tree acting as cover for myself and my patient.

Healing Patients

Equip your medkit and hold down left mouse button until the player is fully healed.

As you can see from the photo below this player is covering me as I heal him. This is very helpful for the medic so they don’t have to worry too much about enemies charging them.


Sometimes enemies intentionally don’t finish off a downed player. They want a medic to rush over there so they can shoot the medic too. Always be alert for this.

You’re Not The Red Cross

Don’t forget to shoot invaders. Always have a pistol so you’re ready for anything at all times.

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