Fran Bow – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough Guide

How to get all achievements. Trick to finish faster. Very simple and short.

How to Complete the Game

What Is Fran Bow?

Fran Bow is a point-and-click adventure/indie video game developed and produced by Killmonday Games.

What Is Genre of this game?

  • Horror
  • Indie
  • Adventure

Chapter 1

Sleepy Princess

  • You have to give him the cake.
  • Pick option “B” in the dialogue.
  • Then he eats the cake then falls asleep (Great job kiddo you drug-ed him!! One down.).

Basically the choices are:

  • “A cake! Eat it!”.
  • “You’ll regret it!”.
  • “Fresh from the oven!”

I found my way out

  • Complete the maze mini-game do not skip cutie!

Chapter 2

It tasted fabulous!

  • At the twins home click the cupcakes on their dining table for three times for unlocking the achievement!(Try clicking on other pastries as well.)

I burn you!

  • Take pills.

Climb up the bricks and place the plank you acquire from outside the kitchen to reach the bottle.

Burn the rope with your matches (Instead of cutting it).

Hello dolly!

  • Check the baby stroller near the cage that kept Mr. Midnight on the attic after completing the ritual, you will find the double-headed baby replaced by a doll!

Find Mr.Midnight

  • Reunite with your best friend.

You get this automatically after you free your kitty from the cage! yayy!

Toad on board!

  • Complete the toader mini-game! You got this fighto~!

Chapter 3

Faster than a snail!

  • Defeat the snail five times in the tic-tac-toe mini-game!

Dr. Love

  • Reunite the divorced couple.

Bring her the red flower (You will find Kotrem’s wife on an island).

Return to mountain top.

The kind thief

  • Return the stolen pink ticket to the bug sitting on the very right side of the room.

A troll… RUN!

  • Beat the Troll mini-game without skipping the scene.(Just Don skip any mini games)

Chapter 4

Oops! You crashed the game

  • After you beat the mini-game for three rounds, click on the winner screen, it will lead you to the final level!

Defeat the boss to unlock the achievement (In my opinion This achievement was one of the harder one to get).


  • Click on the lab table located in the centre of the engine room.

Use your green crayon on the empty field to check off that last ingredient labeled “AFM”.

Feeding the robot rabbit

  • Give the robot rabbit in the alternative reality three carrots acquired by clicking the bottom left corner of the room.


  • Light the candles on the graves of your parents with the matches in your inventory.

Chapter 5

This is Electroman!

  • At the end of the chapter, electrocute the doctor three times by pulling the lever.

The old story

  • Close the door of the room where the doctor is tied to the chair.

Click on the black and white photograph hidden behind the door.

This has to be done before you inject the syringe!

The end

  • Finish the game!

You did it! So proud of you cutie!

Written by MamaFairy

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