FrankenStorm – Guide to Tactics and Optimisation

Describing tips and tricks, general tactics you can use to survive longer and logic behind some better choises.

Tactics and Optimisation Guide


The first thing you can do to optimise any straight-line labyrinth is use every possible tile to make path longer. On screen shot below you can see basic tactic i used for a long time. There are many T-sections which look ok and from the first glance nothing can be done about enemies moving diagonally.

So the problem is – i have some extra wires and need to find a way to make path even longer. Just adding extra wires outside of tower attack range – useless. An idea poped up to use 2 extra wires to make a little gap inside T-section and force enemies go upwards 1 tile, then downwards 1 tile.

After observing whole maze i found quite a lot of such T-sections and changed them accordingly.


Unlike T-section, Zig-Zag tactic uses every possible square and cannot be optimised, but from other hand it will look the same every time you play, which is bad and leads to burnout (thats when you getting fed with game and uninstall it due to repetitiveness).

Since in Zig-Zag maze all towers are in the middle, make path to first Switch as long as possible and covering whole tower area (upper-left switch on screenshot). The best upgrades for this tactic are “+ Tower Range” bonuses, until their attack zone reaches borders of arena.

Effective tower is the one that shoots all the time without breaks.


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