FrankenStorm – Wire Bonuses Explanatory Guide

This guide explains some info about wire bonuses and how it works.

Guide to Wire Bonuses

Majority of bonuses have more negatives and less positives, so you get something like -11% attack speed +7% dmg. Accumulating those bonuses leads nowhere, cus you slowly put yourself into negatives from all sides. Sure there are rare exceptions, but after playing for a long time today i figured that picking Towers > Wires > Bonuses is the way to reach wave 70+.

Second, there are mechanic bonus which has a chance to spawn special mob who drops wires every wave. There are also different bigger wire bonuses, like get wires “+0,5xWave”.

Generally speaking, most negatives outweigh the positives so you kind of need to balance the negatives you’re getting while stacking positives that have synergy (eg. stacking attack speed and attack damage).

As a result, picking just wires is really good because they come with no negatives so it’s like “ahhh, this wave I’m not becoming that much weaker relative to wave strength”. It’s hard to get past lvl90 without picking pure wires or pure towers whenever you can get them!

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