Freedom Planet 2 – Time Capsules (How to Get Them)

In this guide I’ll show you how to get all Time Capsules. It’ll be simple and quick detailed.

Adventure Square

You have to head to Adventure Square for the first and most easy Time Capsule.

Over there you have to head where there are 2 Statues. One is complete and the other one is broken.

Head inside, then once there go to the second floor. Next to the 2 statues of dragons there will be a Time Capsule. Just pick it up don’t be shy!

Battle Sphere

The others Time Capsules can be obtained only via Battle Sphere/Arena Mode.

You better be ready to take up on this challenge, it might be hard but at the end you’ll have the Time Capsules.

I hope this guide was useful to you, might be short but it’s very useful, have a nice day!

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  1. Go the battlesphere challenges and look at the rewards of each challenge. It’s the main option at the top left of the battlesphere menu, and it’s about 12 or 13 challenges.

  2. The one in the building was the last one for me. I was confused where it was, that I did all the boss battles. Thank you.

  3. Found the vinyl in Palace Courtyard
    – as Lilac, climb a ladder to reach a chest before you heading to the train where the fire/water dragon boss is.
    – Vinyl #15 is indeed Palace Courtyard
    – Tidal Gate on the world map now shows the vinyl icon as obtained
    – Palace Courtyard on the world map still doesn’t show a vinyl icon, but going by the vinyls in Stage Records, I have it.

    Thanks for your guide, btw. It did help me in finding most of the vinyls.
    – The one in Magma Starcape was in a slightly different location than what you mentioned, not sure if its also a character specific thing.

  4. I figured out the reason for clockwork arboretum being floor 5 instead, the guide miswrote it as floor 4. Those blocks and the vinyl are indeed on floor 5.

    • You can saw the battlesphere rewards when you go over the option. So you dont actually have to complete all battlesphere challenges

  5. what to do after collecting all time capsule do we just fight the final boss for true ending or do we need to go to a specfic stage

  6. Very helpful. I missed that room completely and beat the whole game without any time capsules. I was searching levels for brave stones thinking that’s what I needed before realizing that those weren’t it.

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