Frostpunk: Rise of the City – Official FAQ

Some FAQ about Frostpunk Mobile

Q: Who is largely responsible for programming and design, NetEase or 11 bit studios?

A: NetEase is responsible for all content on mobile, including programming and design. And 11bit studios is responsible for reviewing the game design and the artworks. NetEase and 11bit studios have always maintained effective communication.

Q: How will the difficulty compare to the PC version?

A: We will have two Modes to choose from: Endurance Mode and Serenity Mode.

In Endurance Mode, players need to think carefully to decide each step. Endurance Mode is suitable for core players or challenging players to try. Endurance Mode is more suitable for core players or players who love challenges to try.

And Serenity Mode will be relatively much easier, like Endless Mode, where people and city are relatively more manageable.

In addition, these two modes can exist at the same time (multi-archive), so when you want to experience different modes, you can toggle archives in the settings.

Q: Will there be microtransactions?

A: Frostpunk Mobile is a free-to-play game. We will have two Modes to choose from: Endurance Mode and Serenity Mode.

In Endurance Mode, there are no microtransactions. Players need to think carefully to decide each step.

In Serenity Mode, there will be some microtransactions, mainly architectural appearances, which require some particularly rare resources to build. Of course these resources can also be obtained in the usual exploration and other play, all resources can also be obtained in game, we do not limit any content is necessary to pay to obtain.

Q: Will there be more scenarios?

A: Currently there is only 1 scene. The scene is different from the PC, a new scene, but still a snowy scene with the generator as the core. And the snow effect is almost exactly the same as the original. We are working hard to try to optimize and put in more and more interesting features, so stay tuned for more info.

Q: Will it have the same music as the original?

A: Yes, the music and sound effects we have overwhelmingly retained – because they are so fantastic!

Q: Will it be multiplayer with guilds/alliances or is it a single-player game?

A: It’s basically a single player game, players have to run their own city from start to finish. In the future we may consider adding social gameplay, but this content will only be an additional gameplay and will not be the focus of the content.

Q: When we would be able to play?

A: It is expected that the alpha test will be opened later this year, but the testing time in different countries and regions will be different because of the release strategy, please pay attention to our official website.

Q: Will it be affordable to most phone?

A: Models with OpenGL ES 3.0 or less (excluding 3.0) are affordable.

In other words, any phone produced after 2015 will probably be able to run.

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