Frozenheim – Multiplayer Eco-boom Build Order

Quick and easy build order for an effective Eco-boom in Frozenheim. Dominate your friends in multiplayer and show them who the true vikings are.


Frozenheim is an amazing game but can be quite confusing in the beginning. This is a simple guide to help you get started and teach you a simple build order to help you get a strong early game economy and eventually bulldoze through your enemies base. Enjoy the guide!

Quick reminder, every game is different and every situation calls for its own counter so don’t take everything here word for word but more of a guideline to help you through your first couple of matches.

If the enemy is rushing you with two squads of axe man then maybe you should think twice before placing that elder hut or if your men are starving but the guide tells you to mine stone, maybe place an extra farm down instead.

Two key things to remember from the start is:

  • 1) Leave some room open directly around your HQ so that late, you can build palisades directly around it for extra protection.
  • 2) Scout! make sure you have eyes on the waters for any incoming vessels and eyes around your territory to give you time to prepare for any unexpected attacks. Watchtowers will go a long way in helping you with this.

Early Game

To start of build 2 woodcutter Huts, 1 fisherman hut and 1 house, then place 2 workers in your HQ. (Don’t forget to leave some space around your HQ for that palisade!)

Next send your scouts to start looking for abandoned wagons, avoid fighting whenever you can even if its only a pack of 2 wolfs you got more important things to do.

Once you start getting some more wood place down 3 houses, a druid hut in range of your houses and 2 Hunter Huts if there is enough wildlife. If not replace 1 Hunters Hut with a Farm. By now your village should look like this:

(Note: I put 1 house right next to my HQ to measure the space i need for the palisades. Later that house will be deleted)

Build another 5-6 houses, 2 training camps, 2 farms and 2 Collectors Huts on both a stone pile and a iron bog, 2 tanners and a warehouse. If you got more than 1 recourse pile don’t be afraid to place an extra collectors hut on each.

By the end of all this you should have a strong wood and food economy and your stone and iron will start trickling in.

By the 10 minute mark this is what you should be aiming for:

This is also around the time you should start thinking about get an extra per of eyes to help keep watch for any incoming raider so be aware!

Mid Game

Now that you have your basics like food and wood sorted out you need to start focusing your attention on steel, units and upgrades.

Save up and place down your first bloomery close to you warehouse.

If your feeling vulnerable feel free to produce 2-3 spear man, this should discourage any early rush attempts. (also if you have the wood to spare it could be a good idea to build that palisade for your HQ we kept talking about)

Your next focus should be on a market place and a elder hut. Use the market place for any resources you urgently need. for your elder hut go for the deer clan first and rush to tier 3 and get the market place upgrade. It will net you a 50% boost to trades great for when you need bulk resources on demand. While focusing your base casually work your way towards getting the ibex head for your ships. It will greatly increase both there speed, ram damage and durability.

By the end of all this you should also be able to upgrade you HQ if your floating some resources. the extra space and worker are always nice to have.

Progress report:

Late Game

by now you should start focusing on training an army, building ships and upgrading your troops.

After your done getting the trader upgrade from the elder hut build 2 more bloomerys for a total of 3 (4 if your feeling greedy) and a blacksmith. Bolster your defences with another 2-3 shield bearers while getting all the blacksmith upgrades (besides the 2 archer upgrades you wont be using them).

While this is going you should be done with your eldar hut ibex head upgrade and you can start making large ships, with wide sails and the ibex head.

Keeping mass troops and ships until you have 12 squads fully upgraded and 3 large upgraded warships. If done properly you should have everything you need before the 30 min mark.

Once your ready simply right click into the enemy base and rush towards his HQ and enjoy the flames. 12 squads will burn down a HQ in a matter of seconds.

Hope you found this guide use full. Good luck! and have fun burning your enemies to the ground!

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