FUCK PUTIN – How to Earn 100 Million and Obtain Extra Achievement

Simple and Easy cell to get 100 million points.

Guide to Earn 100 Million and Get Extra Achievement

The Grinder

  • Create a 5x3x4 block of blocks.
  • Leave out an opening to the center block.
  • Place the sawblade in the middle block.
  • Try to aim until the yellow outline matches the already built saw.
  • Keep placing sawblades.
  • Optional : Create a space above the cell for easier access.
  • Spam a lot of Putins.
  • Push the Putins and close off the opening.
  • You can rebuild this again if your computer can handle it.
  • If your fps drops, adjust the graphics settings.
  • You should be earning 100k in a second now.


Except for the points achievement. There is one more achievement you can get.

Press escape and click the ‘Help Ukraine’ button.

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