FurryFury – How to Beat the Invisible Bridge Easily

This guide contains information on how to beat Chapter 3 (the invisible Bridge) of the adventure mode in FurryFury.

Guide to Beat the Invisible Bridge Easily

The Main Enemy of This Chapter

Chapter 3 is one of the hardest chapters for new players and can kick your furry as multiple times.

The reason why people struggle with this chapter is because of these floating freaks known as lazor these guys have zero attack and 8 health. These guys have two unique abilities that the lazors have.

The first ability is called tower. This ability makes the user immovable and cant be hurt if its dealt 1 or 2 dmg and even if you deal 3 dmg it will turn into 1 dmg needless to say they are hard to kill.

The other ability is called the barrier of pain which shoots a lazer, a wall of pain. If you touch it then you get hit with 3 dmg. The main way to beat these guys is to use a guiding egg, push it into the fury potions so it gets more attack then push it at the lazor. Thats the way to beat em for the 3 stages. But theres a way to skip it and beat em quickly.

How to Beat Them

The way to beat these psychic cyclops is to use a certain raging wolf.

In other words you need to use wolfling.

This beast was made for damage stacking.

The reason why we are using wolfling is because of his first ability.

The reason why we will use this ability is because it gives you 1 atk everytime you hit something.

And every time we hit lazors we get more strength to kill em. So keep rolling into them until you get more damage and boom! They are dead in seconds…

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