GameMaker – How to Organize

This guide will help you with organizing your objects and code.

Guide to Organize


Not a lot of gamedev friends know this, but you can delete and add folders. just rmb and click delete, and to add folders rmb and add groups.

You can group groups in groups (ggg), so i suggest putting things like walls objects and sprites in the same folder and putting them under collisions folder.


This only covers gml, because gmv is practically rocket science.

If you use // before text, the program wont detect it as code.

You can use as many spaces between different code things (like aiming and walking), keep in mind that gml can be very case sensitive.


Are you surprised to see sprites in its own section? I am.

If you dont stick to a same bit ratio (like a 16×16 canvas), then you can organize sprites like that, but keep in mind different bit ratios can look ugly in some places (like a 16 bit player with an 8 bit door).

Quick tip: you can downsize sprites without any outside tinkering, just change the already existing design and vuala (i know thats not how i spell it im not french).

The End

I hope this helps at least one new game developer, as these things help me.

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