Garten of Banban 3 – How to Get the White Keycard

Wondering how to get through that white door in Stinger Flynn’s meditation room? Here’s how!

Guide to Get the White Keycard

What are you talking about?

After the first time you enter Stinger Flynn’s meditation room and you guys take a freaky trip to the beach, you can return to Stinger Flynn’s room later on in the chapter. After you enter, if you go down the stairs, all the way to the other side of the room and back up the stairs, you will see a large white door which needs a white key card. I’m here to tell ya where you can find it and how you can get it.

Where is it?

It’s in the room at the progressive sector where there are the math problems involving eggs and birds. You can find it in a closet near the entrance where you find the baby bird. Once you are riding the birds, you’ve passed the point of no return, so make sure you don’t do that until you figure out how to open that door. For those who don’t want to solve a little mini-puzzle, I’ll give you the answer below.

Just tell me how!

Fine, fine I’ll tell you. Once you have the Banban hats that you receive after the fight with the two headed dino, you need to put them on Mr. wheely stick man. You then have to prompt the guy to move like a million times before he reaches the baby bird. Don’t bring him all the way to the bird…if you go too far you’ll miss your chance. Pay attention to where he is in relation to the closet door and once his arms are lined up with the closet, stop moving him. Make your way around to the back of the dummy and press the button that makes him speak. Open Sesame! The closet door is open. Grab the key card and make your way over to Stinger Flynn’s meditation room and enjoy the secrets!

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