Gems of War – Lost Souls of Carmina Event’s Rewards (Update 6.6)

In this guide I’m going to try to help you figure out how much effort and resources one’d need to collect all the Lost Souls of Carmina event’s rewards. Hopefully it will be helpful. Enjoy!

Event’s Description

This is a new holiday themed event (so we can expect same one start by NY for example). The event lasts 14 days starting from 24/X/2022. Every day 3 free battles are available. If desired, it is possible to purchase additional battles starting at 50 [Gems] for 3 battles. However every next purchase of the additional 3 battles would cost 50 [Gems] more than the previous one, meaning that the first purchase costs 50 [Gems], 2d one will be 100 [Gems], 3d – 150 [Gems] and so on).

Battles start at Tier I (aka difficulty level 1) – enemy levels 10-20. Every 5 battles appears an opportunity to increase or decrease the difficulty level or stay at the current Ttier, however for Tier I only [Stay] and [Increase difficulty] options will be available for the obvious reasons. Increasing the difficulty level to the next Tier will increase the enemy’s levels by 10 (Tier I lvl10-20, Tier II lvl20-30, Tier III lvl30-40, and so on).

For this event there is a restriction of the manna colour – Purple. This is the only colour players can use during this event, meaning that in the team building menu only pure purple troops and weapons, or a mix of purple + another colour cards will be available.

Note that it is possible to have more than 3/3 battles available, however at the beginning of the new day they shall reset back to 3/3 irrelevant of whether you have 0/3, 1/3 or 7/3 battles left, so make sure you finish all the battles before the reset. The good thing is that the price for additional battles is going to reset back to 50 [Gems] for the first 3 additional battles as well.

Event Rewards

We all love event rewards. Let’s look at what can we earn by taking part in the current event.

There are 6 rewards available for the LSoC event in the [Store] folder, as well as two new trophies/achievements, they are:

  • New Legendary troop [Carmina];
  • A bundle of [Traitstones];
  • New [Witch Armor] armour set for your character;
  • New [Carmina’s Kitty] purple pet;
  • A pack of [Purple Pet Food];
  • An [Orb of Power].

Every reward has its own price in the event’s currency – the [Lost Souls]. This currency can only be used for and during this event and will disappear from the inventory after the event is over.

1) Carmina

Carmina is a new legendary (orange tier) troop with a cost of 16 Red/Purple manna.

[Carmina] has the following traits:

  • {Accursed} All enemies lose 2 random skill points at the beginning of the battle.
  • {Undying} Immunity to Poison, Disease, Lycanthropy and Death Mark.
  • {Shared Fate} A new trait in the game, that causes a {Death Mark} status on an enemy when another enemy dies.

[Carmina]’s attack ability is called {Triple Threat} and it creates 4 Skulls, 4 Doomskulls, 4 Uber Doomskulls and creates an additional 1 Skull of each type for every deathmarked enemy, meaning that it has a potential of creating up to 24 skulls which are going to be 8 common Skulls, 8 Doomskulls and 8 Uber Doomskulls, given that all the enemies are under the {Death Mark} status effect.

Event’s price for 3 pieces of [Carmina] is 400 [Lost Souls]. It is possible to purchase this lot 3 times, though even two purchases will already allow you to upgrade [Carmina] to the mythic tier and level 20. The 3d purchase of this lot makes it possible to make a team consisting of x4 [Carmina]s.

It will be possible to acquire [Carmina] from the chests 4-5 weeks after the event ends.

2) Traitstones

They’re just enough to unlock all the [Carmina]’s traits mentioned above.

Package’s price is 200 [Lost Souls] (further – LS), it’s available for purchase only once.

3) The new armour set

The new armour set is called [Witch Armor]. Unfortunately it’s pure cosmetic and has no bonuses whatsoever.

For those who is interested – it’s possible to purchase this set once for 500 LS

4) The new pet

The new pet – [Carmina’s Kitty] increases the skills of [Carmina]’s by 5 at level 20, unlike the armour – it’s an actual pet and not just a cosmetic item.

The price for the pet lot is 100LS and it’s possible to purchase this lot up to 5 times earning x6 pets with every purchase, this should enable upgrading it to level 20.

5) Purple Pet Food

A pack of x105 items of [Purple Pet Food] to upgrade any purple pet to level 20. Possible to purchase for 200LS once.

6) Orb of Power

IMHO the best as well as the most expensive reward available. Can be purchased once for 800LS.

7) As soon as you purchase the [Orb of Power] an achievement [Power Unlimited] is going to pop up

This is the 2d of the two new trophies/achievements available with the 6.6 update.

8) The other new trophy is [Holiday Hero]

It should pop up as soon as you win enough battles (~5) to earn 100LS.

Trophies and Cross-Platform

These trophies should be also available on Android devices*, however coming from my personal experience you might have to earn them twice, meaning that for the trophy of [Power Unlimited] we would have to wait until the next holiday event takes place. There is a slight chance that with a purchase of another lot the trophy will pop up, but I’d not be relying much on these expectations. Therefor make sure you purchase the [Orb of Power] first on the platform where this trophy is of higher importance to you (I personally went with Steam).

The [Holiday Hero] is less complicated – to earn this one you only need to fight one more battle after you already have more than 100LS on your hands and it shall pop up.

  • I’m talking here Android only because AFAIK the only synchronization currently working is between the Steam and Google Play Games accounts. PS4 does not support this feature up to this day, so if you want to play GoW on it be ready to start from scratch, using the same e-mail won’t help.

Some Calculations

Alright, time for the potentially most important part of this guide – calculus.

So, the event rewards are available, for a price. However, we all know that not all of us are going to grind their gears towards earning so much [Lost Souls] that they literally would not know where to apply them.

To begin with let’s look at the overall price of all the lots available:

  • Carmina 400×3=1200
  • Traitstones 200×1=200
  • Armour 500×1=500
  • Pet 100×5=500
  • Pet food 200×1=200
  • The Orb 800×1=800
  • Total: 3400 LS.

Secondly let’s see how much LS we earn:

Every day we’re given 3 free battles. It is possible to purchase 3 more for 50 [Gems], 6 more for 150 [Gems] and 9 more for 300 (every next 3 battles cost 50 gems more).

I personally was buying up to 200’s price tag, thus spending 300 [Gems] per day for a total of 12 battles (3 free included) played daily. This allowed me to purchase the [Orb of Power] today after finishing all the battles and I’m currently left with 32LS.

As we know every 5th battle is a Tier upgrade/downgrade opportunity (I’m currently fighting lvl 80-90) that gives you an extra 1LS for the win. If we put these numbers in a column here’s what we can see:

  • Tier I, lvl 10-20 – 20×5 (LS x № of battles won);
  • Tier II, lvl 20-30 – 21×5;
  • Tier III, lvl 30-40 – 22×5;
  • Tier IV, lvl 40-50 – 23×5;
  • Tier V, lvl 50-60 – 24×5;
  • Tier VI, lvl 60-70 – 25×5;
  • Tier VII, lvl 80-90 – 26×5;
  • Tier VIII, lvl 90-100 – 27×1 (as I’ve only played one battle so far).

These battles gave me a total of 832LS in 3 days, ~277LS/300[Gems]/day. If I stay on the current Tier and keep on playing 12 battles every day until and including Sunday, this should earn me 1296LS (27LS12battles4days). And a whole week is going to still be available to earn additional 2268LS (27x12x7) for a total of 3564LS.

As you can see this is just the right amount of LS to purchase all the available rewards in the shop. However not everyone might be able to clear this Tier, so here’s a simple calculation of how much LS would be earned with the same number of battles per day but on a lower Tier:

  • Tier I, lvl 10-20: 20x12x11=2640LS;
  • Tier II, lvl 20-30: 21x12x11=2772LS;
  • Tier III, lvl 30-40: 22x12x11=2904LS;
  • Tier IV, lvl 40-50: 23x12x11=3036LS;
  • Tier V, lvl 50-60: 24x12x11=3168LS;
  • Tier VI, lvl 60-70: 25x12x11=3300LS;
  • Tier VII, lvl 80-90: 26x12x11=3432LS.

As we can see without much effort it is still possible to earn the needed amount of LS. Now then the big question is – do you really need all these rewards? Well, it depends on your current situation with pet food, traitstones and whether you like the event cosmetic armour. Personally I find the latter useless and thus I’d suggest – as you might have guessed already – to cut the total amount of LS you need to earn by ignoring the following lots in the LSoC Event Shop folder:

  • 1) Pet food
  • 2) Cosmetic armour
  • 3) Traitstones
  • 4) 3d lot of [Carmina]

These lots are not adding up much to your progress in the game, however by ignoring them you effectively save up 1300LS, meaning you now need only 2100LS for all the other lots and that there’s now no need spend 300 [Gems] every day to fight 12 battles. Instead let’s see how much we will earn if we fight just 9 battles per day spending only 150 [Gems]:

  • Tier I, lvl 10-20: 20x9x11=1980LS;
  • Tier II, lvl 20-30: 21x9x11=2079LS;
  • Tier III, lvl 30-40: 22x9x11=2178LS;
  • Tier IV, lvl 40-50: 23x9x11=2277LS.

In case if you’re a new player who struggles to earn [Gems] and can only allow yourself to spend 50 [Gems] per day (3 free and 3 additional battles purchased for 50 [Gems]), here’s your potential outcome calculated:

  • Tier I, lvl 10-20: 20x6x11=1320LS;
  • Tier II, lvl 20-30: 21x6x11=1386LS;
  • Tier III, lvl 30-40: 22x6x11=1452LS;
  • Tier IV, lvl 40-50: 23x6x11=1518LS;
  • Tier V, lvl 50-60: 24x6x11=1584LS;
  • Tier VI, lvl 60-70: 25x6x11=1650LS.

Of course 1650LS won’t be enough to fully upgrade the pet and the new troop to mythic stage and lvl 20, but with just 4 more battles you shall be able to purchase at least one lot of [Carmina], all the pet lots and the [Orb of Power] unlocking all the best this event has to offer. After all there’s nothing wrong with leaving [Carmina] at lvl19 or even using the [Orb of Power] on her, however I’d strongly recommend not to do this, save the orb for later.


It’s time to make some final decisions.

Do you want to “have it all” or you know you will be content with the smaller yet same efficient prize?

Are you ready to invest your RL time into this event or just want to have some fun and get a few treats for the participation?

It’s all up to you and there is no wrong answer. Just remember to enjoy the game and try out new teams in [Explore] and [Challenge] modes before starting the event battles. I personally so far have a positive impression from the new event and 6.6 update and I hope that you guys as well. If not – I hope the next update will fix this for you.

Tips and Tricks, Teams

I guess not everyone (especially the new/low lvl players) can easily find solutions to how to get there with teams, [Gems] and other things mentioned in this guide. So here are some tips from me and a suggestion of a team I am personally using:

  • 1) Pick up kingdom rewards every hour. It is tedious but you will earn almost 3 times more this way compared to picking them once in 24hrs.
  • 2) Be a member of a guild that’s active and friendly to the new players. The blue guild task gives up to ~500 [Gems] every week if completed.
  • 3) Increase your Honor level by helping the guild and using the team that’s fun to fight against in PvP. And don’t forget to send hodors to other players (you only can have 5 of them in store to spend, earning 2 per day). The higher the Honor level – the higher rewards (including [Gems]) will be given to you at the beginning of the day.
  • 4) Develop your kingdoms: the higher the kingdom’s level – the better rewards it produces per hour.
  • 5) Make sure you have the best possible kingdom set as your [Home Kingdom]. And by “best” I do not mean the most developed. Check the kingdom’s info – it shows how much resources it can produce per hour. Sometimes lower-level kingdom is better being the [Home Kingdom], compared to a more developed one rewards wise.
  • 6) Advice on the team:
    • Make sure there are 4 troops of the same colour (well in this event it’s a must);
    • Make sure there are at least 3 troops of the same type;
    • Choose your banner carefully – you don’t want to create an advantage for your opponent;
    • Research the skills tree of the class you’re using and compare to other classes. Just like with kingdoms – not always the most developed class is the best in a particular situation;
    • Remember that class affects the type of your character – try to make it same with the rest troops on your team.

Well I guess this covers that by large. For those who are not confident or just lazy to make their own team – here’s what I’m using (do not hesitate to copy and paste the team’s code and try it out):


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